'Hollywood, The Sequel,' Episode 12: 'No Going Back to Normal with Guillermo del Toro, Zack Arnold and Laine Trzinski'

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Welcome back to Hollywood the sequel I'm John Horn. No Man I know who knew what had happened elephants on everybody everybody's zoom. That is Guillermo del Toro on Zoom is best known for his 2017 film the shape of water it won the Oscar for best picture and here Mo won for best director. He was in the middle of shooting his next picture. It's called nightmare alley when their production was shut down by the pandemic we caught up with him when he got back home to La with some time. His hands. He was rewatching a lot of movies like the Nineteen eighty-six James Cameron Film. Aliens and reading books like the devils of Blue Dome all this Huxley Story of Seventeenth Century Frenchman's possessed by demons. The other novel that seems right burden and right now for me is H. G. Wells or the world where they arrogant giant Martian machines are by the smallest thing in in existence. A Microbial Rabbi deary or a virus you know for del Toro, it all seemed to connect to the current moment some of the biggest entertainment machines her sputtering in grave danger way after eight weeks or ten weeks I almost think of the Daglan of Texas chainsaw massacre who will buy the way we left them them. We have created in every aspect of our lives on economy and consumption system that could be collapsing because he had means for it to be sustained in an almost insane velocity of consumption. You look at large large large the largest companies in the world, and you think many of them are unable to sustain a week boss. At is. Quite astounding. But understandable because way everybody counts with that speed being perpetual. It is. When we spoke del Toro was looking at all the new and sometimes conflicting safety protocols that were being laid out in different places like new. Mexico Toronto and Australia the first Monday is safety you know. Why does the accent is found a still thing? The way I said words may recuperate most of his floyd. But I think things are gonNA change nevertheless thanking temperature inquiring what Hell's inquiring about a lot of things. It's sort of the way traveled changed after nine eleven no way. You could still take a plane, but you have to live yourself two hours. The GORTAT. No, it is. It had safety protocols. unhealth protocols normally always said is almost night get carnival. No, you have all the artists ended the Dick Nations. convivial. It's a very, very efficient, but a very, very cordial. Casual I mean you can. You can be two feet away from each other. So if movie sets go from being a carnival and this very convivial place to something that sounds a lot like going to the grocery store where you're socially distance and you have to be away from everybody does it also change the kinds of movies that you can make because you always have you know half a dozen things in development and when you're thinking about what you actually will be able to make the way you want it to make does it change? What you're developing abandoned things can you say there's no way I could pull that off. So when you when you don't become early start on. Thanks. For about a year and a half or do it'll be like inaugurating kroll. It will have to observe help fortunately for us we are in an industry that you know he's creative and so forth but but I I think that when I think of from aware where the world is had. mates. Human Level G think that changes the kinds of stories the audience wants, and specifically you make movies that can be really scary. They can be really disturbing. It could be PAN's labyrinth. It could be you know elements of other movies. You make monsters you tell scary stories and I'll take anything scary right now is the corona virus but do you think audiences are going to want to be scared again or are they gonna want a different kind of emotional experience? How will they be changed that that is an absolute have been buzzing the predict but what I know is that We will always have the bandwidth for every kind of story the the the the I have is the way we connect with them. Away with I just them, you know movies could be held on the theater for months in the best. And they were consumed and that would be the. Sort of massive moby. Arriving, it had its blades. It's time people by jested, be dogged about head. Now, the amount of stories I referred often as content and the delivery system is often. Referred as a bike line that about a flow rather than a main staying power you know and I think the the culture consumes stories at. An insanely fast rate all of them I think part of a or. Experiencing of this virus part of what is a challenging his this slowing now this is slowing down. I actually thought gave me boss to think and do absorb another from way. I was fortunate enough to be able to take the diamond and systematize. Reading imbuing and things like that. But I actually thought I. Haven't had a box like this. I actually. Transformed in that. I cannot quantify and. When you think about what movies meant to you as a child and I know, we've talked about this in the past about going to the theaters a young boy and being struck by what movies meant you can't go to the theater now and who is that next young boy or girl who can't get into a movie theater and can't have his or her imagination explode and become a filmmaker because you can't that. Well, we have a an immense social shift look. Child, who in the eighteen hundreds was different than my travel in the nineteen sixties you know If I was in the nineties I toby Diane there and I would like to run with the circus and my the nineteen sixties you wanted to make movies or television or in the there was the Euro Body Leno parade and I think that the way we communicate artistically changes. Society it has. You know. A lot of people. Now Don the band depending on the Darioush. Are they don depend on the movie theater as much as we did? The one thing I tell you that I'm very very. Very conscious. Now, the three things that became basic. And this quarantine was. Held Foot and

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