Golden State Warriors guard Klay Thompson, injured in workout with other NBA players, will undergo MRI on Thursday

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Be concerned. I play all those things combined. This far as i know he's playing basketball and I don't know who with i think is playing basketball pie. Like a lot of these guys are trying to get ready for ready for the season. Clay of course missed all of last year after the aclu injury. He suffered in the finals that year. Before here are tim. Legler and adrian watson hausky getting up with us earlier today guys. Thanks whoa do. What can you tell us. What do we know about this injury. Greenie lower lower right leg. There's certainly a significant amount of concern among the warriors talked to his agent greg lawrence last night. And they're going to have that imaging this morning a west coast time you'll see some of the warrior personnel front office medical staff coming down to be there his agent there and they're going to get a better sense of the severity of the injury. The torn acl injury was on his left is left knee that causing the last season. This is a right leg injury so it's not the same leg that's not necessarily any indication of how severe it may or may not be but just to sort of by for those award following it last night. The vibe i was clearly getting from you and others covering the story. Was that the level of concern that this is. Something very serious is significant. We don't wanna read too much into it. But am i getting that part of it right. Yeah there's there's a significant level of concern but it could be could it be At best strength half at worst is it in the achilles area and so that's why they'll get in there today they'll do the imaging and they'll find out for sure right so tim lego. Let's let's sort of look at this from a bigger picture basketball perspective if klay to missed significant time here this is a long term injury and again we can all hope that it isn't but what would that mean for the warriors championship window. Well my direct answer to that question would be. I think it's still open greenie. I think. Look i'm less concerned about klay thompson potentially missing another years in terms of just guys getting a little bit older steph and draymond both in their early thirties. I'm not as concerned about that. More concerned about what is going to be like coming back from now. Potentially another dreaded basketball injury. That's what you're concerned about and now on each leg so let's see what klay thompson looks like. You know a year from now. That's how john again. We're still waiting to hear the results of that. I still think the windows opening the main reason because we look around the nba. There is only one team right now. That definitively you can say it. Looks like they're put together to win the title. And that's the lakers about virtually every other team in the nba. So this means the warriors getting back together is delayed a little bit longer so be it. I

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