Apple issues new iOS 14.2 version for iPhone 12

Mac OS Ken


It's not clear why apple has released a new version of ios fourteen to according to the report. But it may include minor bug fixes perhaps for installation issues now one hopes installing the update will make things a bit more clear literally a separate piece for macrumors also published on wednesday. Says apple is looking into iphone. Twelve displays exhibiting flickering a green or gray glow or other unintended lighting variations under some conditions. Quoting the report and a document shared with apple authorized service providers. This week apple says that it is aware of customer reports related to this issue and is investigating apple advised technicians to avoid servicing affected. Iphones at least for now and instead informed customers that they should keep their iphone up to date with the latest ios version. Sorta sounds like a dot though. There is reason to believe. The peace has similar. Green-tinted display issue affected. Some iphone eleven models apple was able to fix that with an update. Whether wednesday's special fourteen to update tackles the latest issue remains to be seen

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