Opening day of confirmation hearing for Amy Coney Barrett


The day it is the opening day. Of the confirmation hearings for Amy Cockney Barrett. We took Senator Lindsey Graham's opening statement. He's the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee in their role of advice and consent. We now return to Dianne Feinstein, the ranking Democrat on the committee, continuing with her statement, interpret law. Is central. I isn't centralized in one person or one branch of government. That's much. That's not a mistake. You all know, all right, Chuck Grassley's now up my feet is delayed. We had a live news feed, and then we've got a delayed feet. I was thinking that each member but only the ranking member and the chairman would speak. And then Amy Cockney Barrett would speak. Apparently they're going to go through will monitor it going to go through all the members first, which there's quite a few members on the committee when it's Kamala Harris is turn. We will. Dip back in and see what tone she's going to take. But the rest of them will see how it goes. They're all sitting there in the room. Most of them are sitting there in the room, so We'll see how it goes. It's a combination of in person and remote full of members of the committee have tempted positive for covert 19. So they II see, though Mike Leigh is sitting there. He was one of those members. He's probably been cleared, though, so I want to hear Kamala Harris and I want to hear, Of course, KONI barrettes opening statement, which I think is important to everybody. But as we're waiting for this to start, I want to play a couple of clips for you. Let's get cut one ready here just because this site issue of court packing It is. The concept of court packing is very specific and has been What it is. Forever packing the court's meaning, expanding the size of the court, the number of people on the Supreme Court because you're not happy with the makeup of it or the perceived makeup of it. Nobody really knows how these people will vote on anything until the case is decided. But That's what court packing means. Joe Biden and the Democrats are changing that very definition. Over the weekend. Joe has been asked this a lot, and if you notice he's not really pressed on it. Each reporter kind of has to go in and check that box. But they don't really hammer him down on that and refused to ask anything else and really, really keep going back at him, as they would if he were a Republican. And over the weekend, he said something very disturbing. To be honest with you, and it became the new talking point. The court is being packed now. I already said last week that the American public doesn't deserve to know what he would do on the issue. Right now. They don't deserve to know elect him and you'll find out I'll tell you what I'm going to do on this. After the election. But listen to Joe Biden set the tone and set the terms for what constitutes court packing, redefining the term right before your very ears cut one. Go ahead what they're going to focus on what's happening right now, In fact, now by the Republican after the boat has already begun. His cord is being packed. Now there's court is being packed. Now The court is not being packed. Now there is a vacancy on the court, and this became the mantra for the left. Over the weekend, and it was from journalists to elected Democrats and every other flavor of Democrats. In between. They ran with this, of course, Donald Republicans are packing the court. Republicans have not expanded the number of federal judges whatsoever. The Republicans have filled vacancies. We'll get into this more later on in the program, but It's important to note that they complained 200 nominees have been pushed through the Senate. Only because Democrats change the rules in 2013 because they wanted to fill those vacancies. They were warned. Don't get rid of the filibuster. You'll regret it sooner rather than later. The next year, they lost the Senate. So they regretted it much, much sooner. This is them, taking their own medicine and not liking it very much. It's their own damn fault will be back after news.

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