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Will be doing during Amazon Prime Day and how we can take advantage of what you do. We will be highlighting deals as they come up after taking the additional step of researching them to make sure that they're worth shoppers. Time We're going to highlight the best the best honor Amazon Prime Day landing Page. We also have dedicated pages for those Amazon alternatives Best by target. WalMart in addition to our own deal page, where we're highlighting the old on a rolling basis throughout the event. That's one of the things about the event is that the deal? Don't all launch at once. On the morning of Friday, they're going to be watching continuously during Prime Day Day one and during Prime Day Day, too, And so it's our job to stay abreast of those deals and highlight those on the various pages of wire cutter. And also our own Twitter account at Barker deals. So, Nathan, What would you say? I know you don't have a crystal ball per se, but you have a pretty good feel for what Specific product categories will maybe have the largest discounts coming up? Absolutely so. Prime day like clockwork. You could predict that Amazon own devices like the echo speakers. Smart displays Kimberly readers fire tablets. Those are all going to be discounted to the best prices were going to see for them. But it also includes other product categories like small electronic things like headphones. You're buds, small Bluetooth speakers, Um Kitchen appliances. Small kitchen appliances like the instant pot has traditionally been on sale vacuum, reasonable deals. Um and and I think that here we're going to see a trend of Mohr everyday essentials. A CZ. People are sort of shifting more and more of their shopping online. You know, those everyday essentials become really opportunities to save when, when the when the deals are legitimate, and so things like towels, razor blades, What have you? I think we're going to see more of those this year than we have in previous years. And what do we need to do? Finally to

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