New York City virus lockdown protest leader arrested on riot charge


Demonstrations in Berlin Park that centered around the protest ng of the Corona virus restrictions now demonstrators again gathering in Borough Park last night. For a different reason. And Samantha Lieberman's in downtown Brooklyn to summarize all this for Assam. Tischler expected to be arraigned here in Brooklyn Criminal Court on charges of inciting a riot and unlawful imprisonment in connection with the alleged assault. Last Wednesday of journalists. Jacob Corn Blue he was arrested last night is his supporters rallied outside the 66th precinct. Tischler had tweeted. Previously, he turned himself in Monday and recorded himself being taken into custody, posting it to Twitter. My name is Heshy. I'm listening, but you're arresting me when we made a deal Way made a deal that was supposed to be arrested tomorrow. Protesters then went to Corn Blues, home to protest in Blue says he was punched and kicked during protest last week over new covert restrictions and hot spots. Samantha

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