Greater Boston Metro Area Of Wakefield Sees Uptick In Covid-19 Cases In Public Schools


The number of covert cases in schools across across Massachusetts Massachusetts has has nearly nearly doubled doubled over over the the last last week. week. The The town town that that is is seeing seeing the the sharpest sharpest increase increase is is Wakefield. Wakefield. Over Over the the last last week, week, Wakefield Wakefield has has seen seen Maura Maura Positive Positive Kobe Kobe 19 19 cases cases and and its its schools compared to other districts around the state found out that someone in my son's covert Have tested positive. The town of Wakefield is seen an uptick in covert 19 cases in its public schools. Were you concerned about the cases? Um As a parent, yes. Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary education data shows 15 students and three staff members in Wakefield recently tested positive for the virus, according to the Wakefield Education Association. High school recently went remote this week because of the cases. The decision to close the high school on Sunday night was not easy, but it was safe and it was responsible. Cupid 19 cases in schools across the state have nearly doubled in the last week, according to Desi Data between November 12 and November 18th. There have been 398 positive student cases and 254 positive staff cases. And that is WBZ TV's Michael across reporting from Wakefield.

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