No way of really diagnosing an enlarged prostate. Now


Is that we used on anatomical term that people associate with like a size enlarged prostate means that there's probably something normal when enlarged. Prostate is not a diagnosis based on physical exam, but it's a diagnosis based upon symptoms insistent symptoms, and it's not even the size of the process that matters. Big prostates can cause no symptoms. Little process can cause lots of symptoms. They can have no correlation. One other So we're doing the prostate exam, too. It's called the urologist handshake to get you know you make sure you know that we care about you, Flower. No, This is nothing. This is nothing like that gift card to no, no, no, no, nothing like that. This is this. We're doing it as a screening test for prostate cancer, along with a P ece. The enlargement of the prostate is a symptomatic issue and the kinds of symptoms that you're gonna have. There's obstructive symptoms which we define as slow flow. You recurrent urinary tract infections. Hesitancy, which is difficult to getting the urine flow started on there's a irritated symptoms. We define as urgency, which is like a you know, an uncontrollable need to go to the bathroom frequency, which is you feel that you're going to the bathroom or frequent, And they should knock material, which is getting up at night to pee more frequently, And for me, I let every guy have one time to get up at night, but to arm or especially for getting up six times a night. That's something we certainly need to evaluate and then burning and then another symptom that people don't often associate with in the March prostate is dribbling. We call it post void dribbling that that's when you what else would they associate it with? Just curious, So I think that people may feel it is normal to like. Have to shake it, 12, you know, they say, if you shake it won three times, just playing with On. So party s O s. So if you're having lots of dribbling after you finished urinating, then that's another reason. Consider yourself having enlarged prostate. When you come to see us As a patient, we will often try behavioral, nutritional and supplement program to begin with. We will also try medications to begin with. But from the very get go when you get start on. The medicine here were immediately going to start talking to you about surgical interventions that can obviate the need for the medicines because the medicines that we put you on which included were It's like Tamsa, Loosen our alphas. Olson or still dosen or finasteride can be associated with side effects of taking chronically on dweeb Had those patients. We had a patient this week. Literally, you know, completely upset over the side effects that medicines cause and so we try to talk to immediately So when you become a patient of ours, we will put you through a cyst. Oscar P Annul Tre Sound of the prostate. He has a testing, and then we'll give you a packet. It's called the Make America Pee again. Packet that has, you know all 12 of the V P H related procedures that are options for you. If you're lucky and get a T shirt two. That's right. America, P G and T shirt We do have 6000 decisions. 1000 0. My God, stop. You're no longer in charge over and teachers. Well, I'm glad I got talk about BPH. Donna. How did people get ahold of us? You can call us during the week before that I wanted to do

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