The Times Called Officials in Every State: No Evidence of Voter Fraud


The Times called officials in every state no evidence of voter fraud. Can you tell us how that reporting assignment went? How the story was reported leading to that sweeping conclusion. Yeah, we started with the thought of you know, there's been all these allegations coming from the Trump campaign and Republican allies about widespread voter fraud and all of these irregularities that, you know. One of the election away from them. So we started it at first, you know, just contacting the specific allegations they had made in states and election officials in those states and we thought was we were doing that. You know the whole Picture that I've kind of been painted by the president is campaign and the Republican allies you know, from before the election dating a long time ago. Has been that the you know, kind of United States electoral process is rife with fraud. Which is just not true, eh? So we thought we will reach every state and talk to the top elections official in every state. Most of the time that the secretary of state occasionally there's election commission like in Wisconsin, where there's top election administrator on bee Just ask them, you know. Have you seen any evidence of fraud or any kind of other irregularities? Would have played a role in the outcome of the presidential race. Whether it would you know, have these impacts. And we heard back directly from 45 of them on. They all said No. You know, they're very decrees of thing. Absolutely not. This is ridiculous. This thing our election was Smooth. We're proud of it. Um With it did not get back. What's already need statements saying as much on Ben the only one that didn't ever directly respond to us was Texas. But we contacted the top elections official in Harris County. The here is kind of clerk, his office and Harris County is home to Houston, and it's got a population of about 4.7 Million, which is bigger than about 25 states. And then they saw no evidence. So that's kind of how we went through everything T get to the conclusion that we drew. By the way, I think I Said. Your last name wrong. It's chorus. The needy. Yes, it is. I apologized in chorus in 80 from the New York Times Our guest. Let me stay on that aberration of Texas for a minute. Cause you reported that the Republican lieutenant governor of Tenet of Texas, Dan Patrick, already infamous for saying old people should be prepared to die from the coronavirus. So younger people can live normal lives that Dan Patrick he has offered. A $1 million reward fund. For anyone I should say. Established in $1 Million Reward Fund. I guess it wouldn't all go to one person for anyone reporting voter fraud. But Trump won Texas. So if his reward fund is intended to help Trump flip the results, How does that help? Exactly there is. It's not necessarily clear whether lieutenant governor Patrick's reward was just for Texas or whether you know it could be one of these, like we're seeing a couple of funds pop up. Among right aligned groups that are like offering rewards for reports, sir affidavits of voter fraud but you know, kind of looking beyond that. Yeah. We're talking about Texas, and we're trying to say, you know, did Texas experience any of these irregularities or anything? Obviously, from what we heard the prevailing answers? No, even though state officials never got back to us. If you'd wonder why Lieutenant Governor Patrick would feel the need to announce Uh, fun to reward reports that they already had a conference of evidence. And you know his. He has been, um Pretty vocal, making claims that you know, without any evidence that there was kind of widespread voter fraud in the past, so it kind of fits with what he is has said kind of throughout his career. But it certainly doesn't necessarily instill any kind of confidence again that there's any major evidence in Texas if you're offering money to reward reports of Voter fraud. And since Texas was still a red state in this presidential election, wouldn't it be funny if his million bucks turned up so much Republican voter fraud in this state that he wound up flipping it the other way, But of course, there hasn't seemed to be evidence of widespread forward on either side. So I guess he's not worried about it. It's political theater in

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