Growing a Sustainable Brand | Interview with Hyram Yarbro


I wasn't getting up assistance. And so did you ever get so deterred that you thought about leaving or you just fighting through just committed or mc i was can i was fighting through because i was like you know i always just imagine myself academic someone who is going to get lots of degrees and everything so you thought technical difficulty there so let's biggest right back up so you thought that you were going to have all these degrees now. You realize not for me. So what happens next. So i ended up dropping out because i realized very early on like hiram. If you're an entrepreneur and you're building your own businesses doesn't matter how many degrees you have. It's not going to matter to investors and other business people alike so i ended up dropping out and started working normal job while pursuing side passions. One which was he too. So let's talk about that. did you. youtube take off for. Did it take time like help everybody. Who's listening understand the journey. Yeah i mean it definitely took time. I'd say for the first part for the first year and a half hours on that was partially. I started in twenty seventeen It was. I'd say it's probably my fault. I wasn't really fully committed. I was uploading. Maybe like twice a month. Very irregularly. No really clear path as to exactly who i wanted to be. What type of content i wanted to create. It was more so just focused on skincare and trying to help educate on the basics. It was even at that point. It was very focused on skincare. I realized right away. Like i had been working as a makeup artist but i i realized make us really really saturated and there was a great need for skincare information and knowledge but no one was really filling that void at that time so i decided to start you know filling that void by creating content and focus on skincare at that point in your career. How educated where you on. Skin-care let's say in comparison to the way you are now not very much. I was definitely more new suits. I wanted to share the little bit of knowledge. They had but i was able to grow collectively through you. Know information. I got from dermatologists chemists from my audience holding me accountable for my own. Personal research studies. All that kind of stuff. Did you have the confidence to when you first started that to be up front with the audience. And say hey. I'm learning in this journey or did you do. When ninety nine point nine percent of the people do which is maybe maybe try to have the competent. Maybe the fake confidence of knowing more than once you realized that there were too many people in tunisia is on it to fake funk. did it change your trajectory. He spoke about it. And you double triple and quadruple down on education wall layering humility when you weren't one hundred percent sure because i think this is where you can help a lot of people like i think a lot of people make that mistake and i actually think we don't know if you did or didn't i'm just curious if you when i asked that question. Where does your mind. yo. Yo i mean early on jerry. Early on my channel. I was called out by multiple subscribers for like spreading wrong information and i immediately started shifting my content to fall in line with the feedback. I was getting. I wasn't like over the top transparent in the sense of walnut transparent. I wasn't like profoundly communicating. Like i was wrong. It was more so like making small corrections. And saying i used to think this but now i think this because i was told this this and this and i was called out and i was made aware that i was wrong and that was that was something i wanted has that has that experience help you. Now that you've built such a big platform in having empathy for other people that are you know because because it's a really interesting journey.

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