How did we name our days and establish the weekend?


All right. Welcome to the podcast. So this topic stems from a conversation. I had with our thirteen year. Old son pete a couple of weeks ago on monday afternoon as we drove home from basketball practice. Pete was lamenting the fact that the weekend had gone by so quickly and decided that weekend should be four days long and the workweek or in his case. The school week should only be three days. that sounds about right. Yep so this conversation naturally led to the questions who decided how long the weekend should be and how were the days named that. I thought was a perfect topic for this podcast. And that's pretty good. See that's exactly why we came up with this podcast. We wanted to answer these kinds of questions that we know people have every day right. I mean it really is perfect. So let's start with how the days of the week were named. And i know honey. You've been researching this so go ahead and start us off. Okay be glad to so. Let me begin by saying that. Each of the various resources. I found on. This topic had some variations but generally they were all in agreement and really. That's not unusual for our research. So i'm going to present a version that is a sort of a homogenized version of all of these. Okay that makes it okay. So prior to christianity specifically in the days of the babylonians there were several pagan. Gods running around doing things with thunder and lightning and water and stuff like that. That was probably a pretty interesting time. So at the same time the babylonians were also very into studying our planets and the moon and the sun and placed a lot of importance on these heavenly bodies So at some point between around nine thousand nine hundred bc and five forty bc. The babylonians decided that there would be seven days a week and that they'd be named after the five known planets plus the sun and the moon since the sun and the moon were the best known in the most important they would start the week So back then and still today. They started the week with sunday and then monday followed. So the first two are obvious. Sunday in mundi right but then they went in order of the slowest to fastest in the earth's sky. So tuesday was named after mars wednesday after mercury thursday after jupiter and friday after venus. Okay those don't sound anything like our days except in spanish they do well. They don't see on anything like our english days. Yes yes and there is a distinction here. Okay because that has to do with two things one language and the pay to the pagan gods gotta in the language of the day. They were basically saying mars is day right. Mercury's day and so on. But when the anglo saxons invaded great britain which was much more recent on the world or timelines they decided to swap out the planet names for their god's names. Okay so you take over from here alright. So these more. Recent folks left sunday and monday alone but they named tuesday after the norse god of justice to t i w they named wednesday after the most powerful norse god odin or warden and widens day eventually morphed into wednesday. It's a little bit of a stretch right but that also helps explain the weird spelling of wednesday which i've never understood. These are all based on the old english form of the english language. Yes thursday if you think in terms of famous pagan gods you can probably figure out. Third equals thor right so thursday is the perfect day to get out and do some hammering on carpenters. Really love thursdays. They're big right. Finally friday was named after odin 's wife frigg which is a very unfortunate name so frig f. r. i g. g. was said to be nearly as powerful as her husband so she got her own day. Frig day eventually became friday. And for some reason i forgot to mention saturday which is horrible. Because saturday's the best day saturday is named after again. You can figure it out if you go back to the planet's part sadder saturday saturn's day so is named after the planet saturn. We didn't change and we didn't change that to a god right because saturday's the best day we don't wanna change. Don't make it not the best right. So you've got saturday sunday and monday. That remain named after heavenly bodies in the rest or named after norse gods yup and there you go there. There's your week boom

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