A highlight from Flu Vaccine 2.0


I i. I'm neil the host of the good news podcast. This is your source for good news. Fun stories and sonic showing. All of this. Goodness is coming to you from beautiful chicago illinois in the news lately there has been a ton of vaccine news. Astrazeneca pfizer moderna. There is a vaccine headline everywhere and largely. It's really good news. This episode of the good news bad however is about an old trustee standby vaccine. The flu vaccine. The flu vaccine has been getting more attention. Probably at least from someone like me who never really thought about it but it became much more prominent as we were thinking about ways we could help to defend ourselves against covid. Nineteen the thing you probably must clearly remember about. The standard flu vaccine is that you need to get it every year because the flu virus mutates and the vaccine needs to be tailored to this year's flu vaccine. What if. I told you about a universal flu vaccine that could protect against multiple or all strains of the flu and you would only need to get it once every few years. I don't want to get your hopes to far up. But there is an early phase. One study in humans of a new vaccine. Just like this. It's a small study of sixty six people and phase. One really is just looking to see if it is safe for humans so there's plenty more testing to go phase two and phase three but the initial results are looking extremely promising. You are probably asking yourself right now but neil. How does this work. How can this be universal. I will ask you for a moment to the flu virus with a a bunch of little mushrooms growing on it. These mushrooms have Had and Stem or more accurately a stock up to now. The flu vaccine has been targeted at the head of those little mushrooms on the flu virus. I don't know much about the science but apparently the reason for this is that that is what our body is naturally trained to attack but the bad part is that head of that little mushroom is what is mutating year over year. This new vaccine would actually attack the stock of that mushroom which mutates way less so there is some more obscure good vaccine news and something to look out for in the coming years that might make the annual tradition of getting a flu. Shot a thing of the past. Thanks for listening. If you've got good news or for the show. Amazing

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