Former Cincinnati Reds Announcer Thom Brennaman Lands New Job


A hit some controversy this Yeah, He got a little bit of trouble. About four months ago, He was on the air announcing a Redd's Royals game, and he used a gay slur while he thought his mic was off, which we all know Mike's are never off. Doesn't make it right. But he's actually been rehired to announce games again. Good, and it's just four months later. It's just, you know, As soon as the incident happened on air, he said he went right on and apologize. And he said, I don't know if I'm ever gonna put headsets on again. He knew the severity of what happened. And pretty much thought His career was over. But today it has been announced that the Roberto Clemente League has hired him to do play by play for the 2021 season. Oh, yes. Oh, not even Major league baseball. This is down in Puerto Rico. Yes. Oh, I say. Okay, well, studio It was passion, I guess. Yeah. What? Listen, I mean,

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