Episode 55 Inspiring Beauty Boss Series with Angela Torresiani


And she was like, well, you know, you need to give one of these up and I was like, you know, like an like I love them both. I don't I don't know which one I would give out and she was like well, which one makes you more money down? Thought you know, even though as much as I love the forensics and everything, it's you work for the city work for the state. The money is not that the flexibility is not they are and so I left of that convention saying to myself, you know, when I'm going to finish out the semester and I'm going to focus on permanent cosmetics and I'm nearly tripled my business like ice cream so big I just put all my time and attention and said just doing that. Yeah nearly triple, you know my income and my business and everything and since then, you know, I expanded a lot bigger now like as you know else and I combined forces and built this enormous box. So it's literally been nothing but up or I don't know we going up but it's been a day off so easy slide, right? Yeah, that's amazing and wait. What year was that again? What year did you say? That was I think it was like 2015 somewhere around there, but it was definitely wrong. The turning point for me because like she really made me, you know looked it was we were, you know, drinking margaritas in the hospital and it wasn't a deep conversation, but it's stuck with me and stuck with me so hard I was like, you know what I really need to make a decision and that was such an obstacle for me to give up something that I love so much and then I have dedicated so much of my life to in order to focus on the fact that I loved. Yeah. Well, it's you know, what always happens is when you get focused on something right if your attention is scattered, right and this is for a lot of people and I would just also bring this back to marketing if you're trying to do a little bit of interest and a little bit of Instagram and a little bit of Facebook and you know a little bit SEO for your marketing if your attention is scattered. It's going to be completely different than if your attention is focused like a laser, you know, like a light and when you decide to go and also that idea of I love that idea of like I'm going all-in like cuz there's some there's an energy there's a mental energy about going home. All in you know, like that and expression when you burn the boats. I Tony Robbins says it a lot but other people have said it before him that you know, the only way to take the island is to burn the boats when there's like no other plan be like you're like I'm all in and and this might be the time that a lot of people with covid-19 so forth have decided like I mean, they're all in or I'm all out. Maybe I'm not as passionate as I thought I was so you went all in and you just had like growth growth and stepped it up up up. Yeah, you know and at that point like the bigger you go the harder you're afraid to fall and so it gets scarier and scarier and page for us. Like we literally went all-in. I think I found money that belong to me in past lives to build this spot. And so when we did this and we were so proud of it and we were like launched off in the last September and just as things really started to like kind of come together and congeal. We got hit with cold enclosures. And so that was like take the wind out of your sails kind of thing off. And trying to find the motivation to stick with it and to say like, you know, like you said we burn the boats we have no bones. We don't have any as we've got nothing. So we're young. I would work. Yes, and that's only did like we've spend you know, the whole time focusing more on marketing else is in your marketing course, right? So we focused on marketing and Instagram and all that other stuff and we were like, you know what we just have to do what we gotta do make it work. Yeah. It's so good. I mean nobody wants to go through that but it's so easy to just stay like I say in the fine, or like a mediocre like oh that's good enough or it's good, you know and not really get outside of your comfort zone. But when you have to you know, when you are like this is all in and I just also love that the intentionality and the energy behind, you know, when you're like lit up about something and when you are just in that move, all I can think of is just like energy and in that motion that forward momentum really like you said money starts to come to you like a game. Things just start to show up and there have been stories of that all throughout history where people have said, you know it when I was focusing on negative things. It just kept on feeling like I couldn't get a break and when you were starting to look at positive things now what will happen sure. Everybody has like nobody could have predicted covid-19 you were in that positive momentum. It was just moving moving moving for you. Okay? Awesome. I feel like you know all of those giant success stories like JK Rollins was living in a car when she wrote that first book Famous Amos was homeless when he with the cookies and you know, like I don't want to hit rock bottom before I get you know, but I just feel like that's kind of, you know, I know you can't believe me out. So I'll click myself but it's a blanket or get off the pot kind of attitude. Yes, we do this or what are we going to do like quit our jobs and go work at a job somewhere for minimum wage or something like that side an option. So yeah, let's go straight forward. Yeah. Well, I love that and I love that. You know, some people have that fire in them and I feel like that song. Is the fire that you need to have to be a beauty business owner or really just a business owner, but definitely a beauty business owner because it's not like a doctor where everybody's going to come to us. Like we are always like to say that we are unnecessary luxury, you know, it's kind of one of those things that it's not necessary, but it and it's not totally a luxury but like it's not something that is conventional. So we have to be a little bit more Scrappy and resourceful to get out there and make it happen. What trends do you see happening in the p.m. You or beauty industry cuz we've had you know anything like, you know, I'm asking you to predict that like what changes have you seen or predictions? Do you have that might transmit you see happening in the future. I definitely am starting to see you know, I think like we kind of reached that peak of crazy trendy things and now it's starting to kind of level out and come back down. We're getting kind of back to the basics. People are are going back towards microshading or off. In a browser hombre, whatever you want to call it and we know that those are the techniques that are tried-and-true. They last the best outcome. They fade the best age to us. And so it's really nice to see people starting to come back to that and then take it up a notch like these are not the powder brows of twenty years ago either and so the level of Art and artistic talent and and everything the bar is am I right now and I think that that's amazing because you know, there's days when you open up your Instagram you like I'm not going to work today and and then there's other days you look at those same artists and you're like, you know, what I want to do Thursday, I'm doing exactly that today. And so I think it's wonderful that the bar is sex so high right now, but that also like we're we're taking the old techniques so much making a lot better. Yeah. That's true. Okay. So my next question is, you know, was there something that you overcame like a big thing that you overcame when starting other than this covid-19. There was a big lesson or it was her a lesson even out of Kobe that you had. I think we have all kind of learn the same lesson from covid-19 taking it back all the way back to when I was first time doing what happened was we moved from Georgia to Comer Washington. I had no friends. No family. We didn't know anybody there and my daughter was only eight months old and at six months old she was in a coma for three days. So I had a very rough pregnancy a lot of things went wrong and she had that issue. So it was a time where it was really really difficult for me to leave my daughter and go to work things like that and we had a spare room in the house and you know, I'm totally willing to invest like I tattooed at home, right and it was a separate room. So it was set up properly and I did my very best to be as proper as possible. But that was the only way for us to survive at that time. No, cuz I wouldn't put my daughter in daycare. I was too afraid and as I started kind of gaining some momentum in the neighborhood and getting known I wanted to go into a shop.

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