Episode 55 Inspiring Beauty Boss Series with Angela Torresiani


So I took my portfolio. And I shopped around and some people just weren't interested. And there was one guy who told me that I was horrible that I would never be a good tattoo artist and he specifically said ruining people's tattoos because I'll make money fixing them. Right? So we lived in Seattle for six years shortly after I got all of my nose, you know, like we always have the choice of stories about how many times we were told know. I ended up renting a small space in another place like a small Studio space and I had a private Tattoo Studio there and for the next five years, I worked exclusively out of there sometimes fourteen hours a day. Like I was a Workhorse in the how to shop and the guy who had originally told me that he had some drug problems and he was not a great artist to begin with. I got a lot of his work that came through my shop and I took pictures of everything that I fixed everything that I corrected and I kept the four separate little portfolio and when we left when we moved. I went back to his shop and I was like, I don't know if you remember me but like you pooped all over me and told me that you were going to make money off of my bad work and I was like, well here is the form that I made off of you. So thank you and I gave him that I walked out and it was one of the most like I was so proud of myself that like that. I didn't let this kind of determination and you know, maybe my star was a little more humble but like I kept at it and I worked at it and I I was successful in that, you know, Dinah and said like, you know the of course to school special so moral of the story there is but like, you know, just because a few people think that you're not their cup of tea doesn't mean that you stop, you know, if you cash and keep pushing forward and you know, you'll find your way you'll find your success will also I'm sure you've heard stories like Michael Jordan was cut from the basketball team when he was like in high school or something like you hear these stories, like there's that expression like every master was one page. Disaster, you know, we all have to start somewhere. So when somebody like pupus on you or says that you're not going to do it then you know, there's that will spark a fire to prove them wrong, right and go and I love that that you like kept. I mean I would have priced was to see the look on his face and just like I wish that it was like now where we had cuz this was like 2006. So like I wish off the phone or GoPro just to get the look on his face, but it made me feel very proud to be able to not that I wanted to you know poop on him, but very proud to know that life is man shot me down and tried to make me feel really bad about myself and I knew that my work was good. And I think that he was just kind of afraid to have me as my competition and I didn't let it stop me and you know, like I'm here today so clearly, you know, I've got something going for me and I didn't let that kind of stopped me and say like, you know, I don't know how to do this anymore. Yeah, and he was probably afraid that he would, you know lose some clients and like that's what you know, yep. Say there's not another expression that fear and faith cannot live in the same spot in your brain. Like you cannot if you're either going to believe what the faith or you're going to be fearful and then obviously the fear took him down. Yeah, I love that. Oh, I know people always want to know do you have a favorite needle machine that type of thing. Do you have a your go-to? Yeah, so it can we we can do product names and things like that. Tell me what you like. All right, so I am a huge fan of the Zion s it's like my go-to machine like everything about it pretty much the one that I use for everything. If I'm not using them using my old tried-and-true Cheyenne for single needle or hair Strokes. Like I'm absolutely in love with the vortex needle the superfine one. Yeah. It's also really fallen in love with the Quadra needles. Yeah from Ultimate tattoo supply and that's also where I get my permit Glen cuz that is my payment of choice. You know, I was always in a lie girl, and I definitely wage Love them and healthy uses them as well. We switch payments all the time, but there's a there's a time and place for everything. Right? And so like when I need the the L, I look like I go for that one and then make them it's usually our mobile and learn to awesome. And do you have a favorite browse eyeliner lips? I think you love lips and I was right. Yeah. I absolutely love lips and I don't know if it's because that's how I came in today. I just I love doing them. I think they're tons of fun. I like everything about them and for me, they're very easy. I I don't want to say that I hate eyeliner, but I struggle with my lighter. I find it very difficult to get the right stretch and things like that. And so like I just enjoy lips. Yeah. Yeah, and what's your go-to needles for lips? So I'd like to if I'm doing a full web. I like to go for the outline with a 7 RL and then I will either do 7rs for the inside or off-line curve Magnum grease let it let it limit, you know, depending on the Integrity of the lip and everything else. Yeah, so good so good. Okay. So now I have one of those philosophical questions for you that I just love because I just love these type of questions and that is if what would you tell like your younger self? Like if there was a piece of advice or you bought a piece of advice for you know the struggling artists out there the ones it's just like I don't know if I can keep going or you know anything like that. What is that? Words of wisdom you got let's see, you know, I I think it's the same advice that Karen gave me like, you know the poop or get off the pot and kind of attitude off either. This is not it's not a hobby. It's not a 50/50. It's not what you're doing until you finish your degree. If you really got to put your heart and soul into it if you want to be really good at it. And if you really want to own a scale your business and be successful and good at it. But something that I do that I have always done and I like to age myself now, I started setting and in ninety-seven so like this it's over 20 years that I've been, you know holding the tattoo machine and there is not a single day that I picked that machine up where I'm not a little doubtful of myself. And so that's something that I do is whenever I am ready like when I'm ready to go out of my door and go get my client and bring her into my room before I even open up the door. I take like a club As I take a really deep breath and I put this ridiculous smile on my face, right because we know that if we if you force yourself to be happy you'll be happy and if you put a sad face on you'll be sad, right? So I'm like, that's my pep talk, you know, like so if I'm feeling like on, you know, not feeling amazing today or whatever like I give myself a little too second pep talk and I am just like and I go out get my clients and like sometimes you need to do that and it doesn't matter if it's your first eyebrow, or if its twenty something years into it by doing every time. I love that. So I love that because I don't know if you've ever heard of the laugh experiment and

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