Rush Limbaugh leaves show early today


Thoughts and prayers. I was not listening at the time. Apparently, Rush left the show a little early today, all of us now he's been very straightforward and incredibly strong and stoic. You know, And if you know anybody that's gone through any type of treatment. It just, you know, to save you. They have kill you and they wipe you out. I mean, I watched this many times in my life. I remember when my mom had In a late stage, breast cancer and chemotherapy and radiation and she lost their hair and you just you know, after treatment, you get wiped out, and then you rebuild your strength again and and it's all part of a hard, hard process. Thank God we've made so much progress in terms of treatments of poor, varying diseases and cancer is a matter of fact. Russia's raised you know hundreds of millions of dollars for cancer research and Hodgkin's and locate Ah leukemia, etcetera. So our thoughts and prayers are with him today is, you know he's been battling and fighting and doing his show, You know, as regularly as possible, incredible, incredible heroism, and he just loves this country. Always has has led this conservative movement all these years, and we're all praying for rush today on that he's getting well soon and recovering. Um

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