The Yosemite Sightseer Murders


In December nineteen, ninety-eight, Sylvana, Polo left her home city of Cordova Argentina banned for the United States. The, sixteen year old had inherited her mother's spirit for travel and had signed up to bay a Foreign Exchange Juden. For the next three months, Silvana would be living with the six member to family in the northern Californian port city, of Eureka. The pelos Os and sons were longtime friends through mother's Ricco and Cairo. The two women met in the seventies when Carol traveled to Argentina has an exchange student herself. Carol Ray visited the country used laid off with her two year old daughter Juliana better known as Julie. But this stage the Palacios had two daughters with Sylvana the younger of the Pan. Into Julie Juliane to a similar in age but opposite in personality. Sylvana was an introvert unlock Julie more outgoing. Despite that differences, the girls formed a lifelong friendship of their own. Silvino was Jud to return home from the US in light. March nineteen ninety nine. As she was very interested in American culture, the sons had endeavoured to give her a memorable experience of their homeland. They had taken Sylvana old across the state to visit landmarks such as Disneyland Tint Fisherman's wharf. The Grand Canyon in Arizona was next on the list as was Yosemite. National Park. It took Cairo son a month to meticulously planned the perfect to road trip to Yosemite. Carol schedule was typically fool with family work and other commitments. So she made the most of every minute of her vacations. They Yosemite troop revolved around one of Julie's leading competitions and would be taking place over four days that encompassed the long weekend. Only carroo Julie, and Sylvana would be going. It was set to bay a you naked fanshawe as winter had brought snow to the region. The trip began on Friday February twelve. Carol Julie and Seven A- flew to San Francisco. From there they ha- Attica, and of two hours northeast to Stockton. City was home to the University of the Pacific where Julie's cheerleading competition took place on Saturday February. Thirteen. Julie was impressed by the campus and considered enrolling their after graduating high school. She had ambitions to become either a chef for an architect while maintaining her. For Violin and piano. Julie Caroline Sylvana, organized to return to the university for a proper tool in three days time. From Stockton the trio drove to the small farming town of Moore said known as the gateway to Yosemite. They spent the nod at the Ramada Rin before continuing on to Yosemite National. Park on the Sunday. Selena was particularly excited to see Yosemite granite cliffs waterfalls, lakes, meadows, and mountains. Shay was inactive person by nature who enjoyed our skating skiing and roller skating. She'll say loved the outdoors and hoped to study in the environmental field in the future. Carol. Julie and Venus spent death first day at Yosemite exploring pod of the pox seven hundred and fifty thousand acres of. Rugged. Wilderness. Before and they drove through the dense and far raging forests along highway one forty to the nearby town of. El Porto. There they checked in at the Saito Lodge. An affordable hotel on the banks of the mess said reveal. On the evening of Monday February fifteen, yen sund received a phone call from his wife Carol. Shea. Happily spoke of her time away with the Julie and Silvy Narine Yosemite. They had spent the previous two days exploring the park and was settling in for their phone or gnawed at the hotel.

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