Stop Overthinking by Ali Cornish


Stop overthinking by Allie Cornish of ever thrived dot org. I used to spend a lot of time overthinking trapped in that never ending what if loop a stress about how intruders might access my apartment? What if I left the candle burning at home, will the hissing radiator explode while at work? What if I made the wrong impression at dinner last night? What if I talked too much more to little. Sometimes, I'd feel for my wallet or keys three times. In the course of a train commute it made my heart palpitations a little less. Often. Ruminate on nonexistent symptoms. What if I had a terminal illness myself diagnosis skin anomaly on Web MD until concluding that I must immediately seek a specialist I visualize my death cream I will divide up. Among members and plan my ashes to be scattered at sea despite a propensity for seasickness. In this real life scenario Sergei thousand seven. Did consult a specialist who after a physical evaluation told me. There was absolutely nothing wrong with me and then I was worrying too much. At moment I didn't feel relieved instead I felt like an idiot. Does a normal part of life to decipher codes and hidden meanings everywhere doesn't every person do this? Actually. No. At The Times where my worrying reached its peak I wasn't happy with my life. My unhappiness was caused by fear which in turn revealed overwhelming incessant worrying as afraid of being alone afraid of failing and afraid of my future. Through analyzing my own experience others experiences and through research of learned that overthinking is a symptom of the distressed an isolated. I've learned that fear can lead to social anxiety and sometimes even avoidance of social activities altogether. People who were afraid of social interaction have a tendency to self medicate through various outlets such a shopping spending hours on net flicks, social media, or abusing substances or food. These distractions may help for a bit but ultimately mask fear helping it fester within our minds until it explodes when we least expect it destroying relationships and our health. When we feel that life is in disorder, we devote too much time to the negative in fear we overthink things and we cling to solutions to the wrong problems. We dwell on things that didn't go well and constantly think of worst case scenarios. Often as a general lack of confidence that causes us to worry more perhaps it's that we feel that worrying will protect us from harm. Yes back in caveman times when we were hunters and gatherers stress did actually protect us from harm as in death via sabertooth tiger. Fast forward to present day we still get the same stress signals from benign sources that aren't life threatening. Now. At the prospect of failing, let's say the portion of the driver's test at the DMV. Our hearts pump three times our normal speed sending more blood to our limbs. capillaries closed down sending our blood pressure up seven. Theoretically quote sustain a service wounded not bleed to death even our eyes dilate so that we can see better and quote. Our bodies and minds have trouble telling the difference between a counter with a sabertooth tiger. Choice test. There are ways we can help our bodies and minds acknowledge the difference to combat overthinking and overreacting we can practice the following. Number one notice and appreciate our thoughts. If, we take account of the situation and put it into perspective. We might be able to understand the reasons behind her catastrophic thinking patterns. Some might suggest keeping a journal to chart the frequency of our negative thoughts. Once we pinpoint the reasons we can take positive action to ameliorate are thinking behaviors. Number to spend time outside. Nature has a way of soothing us taking his back to Simpler Times. All is well when the birds chirping the streams are flowing an animal's scamper to and fro time spent on trail or camping might increase our confidence to a point where there is no room for worrying. Number three exercise. Studies show that exercise is very effective at increasing alertness and enhancing our brain function by releasing natural endorphins make a painkillers. Physical. Activity can actually trick us into feeling happier making us actually happier. Number four socialize. Seek out your friends and loved ones talk to them make meaningful memories with them. They can help you see pastor worries give you some perspective manned, alleviate your loneliness. Number five breath. Take some time to breathe in and out slowly this naturally reduces your blood pressure and heart rate calming you down so that you can see clearly. And Number Six Oh. That you can only control what you do say or feel you can't control anything that happens at you and you can't control what other people do you are in control of yourself select all of those worries go be grateful for what you have take action to ensure your immediate safety and comfort and no, you will be. Okay.

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