Jerkoff Ninja - A Halloween Horror

Poisonous Minds


Fat Catherine and their daughter Karen styles made a quiet and lovely life in their cute ranch style home in the community of candler North Carolina. Thad an eighteen wheeler and Catherine was an assistant manager at a check cashing company their daughter twenty two year old. Karen styles was a recent college graduate from Western Carolina University. Her Bulletin Board in her room displays all of her track competition ribbons that she probably. She enjoyed fishing trips with her dad. And was an animal lover and loved to run. On Halloween morning in Nineteen, ninety, four on the outskirts of Asheville north, Carolina, the heiress. And the sun was shining and along with this beautiful morning. Twenty. Two year old Karen. Styles was getting ready to start her morning by preparing for jog through the scenic bank creek recreational area nearly Poyton a southwestern part of Bungoma County. She got into her car and set off to the recreational area a little before eight am. It took her about ten to fifteen minutes to get there from her family home. She pulled into a parking spot and began to stretch before setting out on her own. When she was never heard from again. The next day, November first after Karen had not returned home or heard from by friends or family. Her parents report their daughter missing. Searchers located her car at the parking lot near hard time trails. In about two hundred yards from her view. Cole they found her car key. But there is still no signs of Karen anywhere. This led to a massive land and air search effort on the area. Possibilities running through the minds of everyone looking for her. Did she have an accident while on her jog. Had she gotten lost in the vast sense of the deep tall forest around her. Did she encounter an animal? Fallen hit her head. had she tried to get a ride home from somebody and she lost her key? The possibilities were This is your poisonous minds public service announcement. According to a post from LAWF- Investigation International Inc.. The government does not track missing people on Federal Land. Stating and I, quote. The federal government does not track the number of missing people in National Parks but experts believe one, thousand, six, hundred individuals mysteriously vanish each year while visiting parks throughout the United States. Wall many reported missing are found it is estimated hundreds remain missing.

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