Hickenlooper flips first Senate seat as Democrats look to take back the chamber


That's right, as we thought might happen. Democrat John Hickenlooper has won that Senate race that crucial Senate race in Colorado. So that seat is now officially the first one to flip From Republican hands now to Democrat hands. Now, the reason that we thought this was a possibility was because John Hickenlooper is a pretty unique candidate in a state that has been trending bluer and bluer. Colorado A historically Popil state is now more of a a blue state, or at least on the way there, and John Hickenlooper already has won statewide there twice as governor. He's not only a popular figure there, but he has the benefit of being familiar to voters. He was also the tutor mayor of Denver. This is somebody who has a reputation for being a pragmatist. Somebody who has a reputation for being able to reach across the aisle. Hey, had that failed sort of long shot bid for president. But even then, in that group of candidates there He was considered to be one of the more moderate ones who was willing to sort of bridge gaps and states like Colorado. Certainly like that. So tough night for Cory Gardner, who lost his seat. Sometimes these things are cyclical. So this is a year that Democrats feel like they're on offense for 23 races. It was the opposite back in 2014. When Cory Gardner won his seat. There was a big red wave that night. The Senate certainly look good for Republicans back in 2014. Cory Gardner was sort of swept in that aunt. He served out his term. At one point, he was considered one of the most bipartisan senators in the entire body. Not enough to get it done tonight. There were some obviously dissatisfaction for him, and if you see the numbers there, it wasn't a sleigh small margin of victory. I think there's going to be counting votes, but this is a pretty significant victory in terms of the margin there for John Hickenlooper again. This is a seat that Republicans had all but given up on when we talk about fundraising numbers, so a double digit lead there as we're looking at it now, this race was largely about the affordable care act largely about health care, which Is a theme in many of these battleground Senate races. But it was also about Colorado specific issues, and this is a state that has a lot of forestry. This is a state where there were a lot of environmental concerns among the voters that frankly, they were not happy with Cory Gardner's performance in the Senate. He also it was very famously said in a number of debates. Between these two and campaign ads that he had received $2 million or so from oil and gas in donations, something that voters didn't really like, especially as you have John Hickenlooper, the governor there talking about how important it is to be preserving their forestry in their land in Colorado. Certainly that might have had an impact here. But guys, this is a race that now we can officially call Oh, and it's just one. We're keeping an eye on a number of other Senate races. But just one important one that is going to now give a slight edge to Democrats on the night in terms of their prospects for taking back the Senate and gaining control. Of the chamber. All right,

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