More looting hits Philadelphia despite curfew


Mayor, Jim Kenney imposed a curfew last night that expired in the wee hours this morning, inspired at 6 A.m. open to quell the looting and violence that has rocked the city for the past two nights that might mention then he's also asked the governor to send the National Guard this weekend. The looting follows the police killing of Walter Wallace. But we here now I'm kw City Hall Bureau chief Pat Lobe officials don't consider it part of the protest. These folks are no way honoring the memory of Walter Wallace Jr. Mayor Kenny sees the looters as opportunists, exploiting the anguish over Wallace's death, not only harming many retail businesses that have struggled in the midst of the pandemic. We're doing a great disservice that many others want to exercise their First Amendment rights by protesting. They're also harming the police department's ability to respond to emergency, says Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw as officers are diverted to control, looting and vandalism. Comes out across. It's something that we have to balance each and every time we've done it the last couple of nights. The city's already received help from state police and Chester County. If the looting doesn't stop the National Guard will arrive Friday. With more coming on Saturday. Police have made 170 arrests, including assault on police officers, Outlaw says officers have been hit with bricks. And what looks like blood. These air folks that are intentional. The one hurt us, but also do everything that they can to try to demean or demoralize us. She says. She doesn't know who they are or how they're being organized

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