Coke Cans Tab, to the Dismay of Host David Brown


Wondering I'm David Brown, this is business wars daily on this Wednesday October. Twenty eight. And this time it's personal. You guys know me I'm a pretty upbeat guy but the news from Coca Cola earlier this month while I just have to admit twenty twenty keeps throwing those punches. Decades after TAB became America's most popular diet drink coke is killing it. Loan fact I am one of the drinks maybe last remaining diehard fans there just aren't enough of US though which is why coke and its desire for efficiency and growth. Has, made a sad decision. To Stop. MAKING IT TURNS OUT TAB accounts for only point one percent of all diet soda sold in the World Right. Now despite my purchases that's according to research firm Euromonitor. But Oh Of that point one percent, it was a real relationship tab was invented in nineteen, sixty three the Diet Cola sweetened with Saccharin and targeted to women and Cokes I Diet Soda. It took off in the late seventies with ads like this one equating drinking tab with, of course, being thin and sexy one apocryphal story goes at the name Tab keeping tabs on your ways. Car. There was just nothing else like this snap of that can. Up around Atlanta. My parents always knew what time I got home from a night out because as quiet as I would be sneaking into the house. was just too impatient for Swig that tab to cover my noise popping open tab became. So iconic that Mardi nick fly played by Michael J. Fox attempted to order one at a nineteen fifties drugstore in the hit movie back to the future. It didn't go well. Sixteen Forty rivers you're gonNA artist, something kid. GimMe Gimme. Tab can't give you a tablet she orders. Right Comedian Pepsi free. You WanNA PEPSI POWDER YOU'RE GONNA pay for it. Looks can be something without any sugarman pay Mardi Good Luck finding that tab in the future coke launched diet coke in nineteen eighty, two tabs started its long slow decline today is only one of hundreds of products that coke is retiring. It's cutting its line of five hundred brands by half the company says it was streamlining before the pandemic. But when the pandemic hit and supply chain issues became more complex, they sped up their plans to focus on big sellers like diet, coke and coke zero. In addition to canning tab coke already bid goodbye to underperforming brand. Douala. Juices it's winding down its Zico coconut water operations as well but it's the loss of tab that hurts to the bone Coca Cola kept it alive only because some of US love it so much people like yours truly wrote letters made phone calls and signed petitions to keep tab coming and the company complied until now as far back as two thousand, one, The Wall Street Journal reported that coke all but ignored it. The company hadn't spent any money to market it since the early nineties, the paper reported for decades it's only been available here and there depending upon which bottlers decided to make and sell it. On even distribution led to thousands of tab fans going to great lengths to get our favorites soda. The Journal tells the story of Katie Tram Oh memphis resident who when traveling would routinely pick up cases of TAB, in Mississippi and Alabama for herself and other tab lovers back home, and then there's the anger. The decision is turning some Tabah Alex away from the company altogether and toward coca-cola's most famous rival, you know the one. On facebook to such devotees valid to switch to Pepsi as a matter of principle, I bought tabs for over forty years and nobody checked with me about this decision one wrote. Already TAB is showing up on Ebay at wapping prices. A new twelve pack is listed for one hundred, fifty five. Me Well, there are enough digits in an ebay price counter justify parting with my precious last ten cases of the eighty six I purchased in Vicksburg Mississippi and truck back to Austin in late August. With all that's going on in the world I. Know It's a bit hard to empathize but picture this a ban on coffee with no way around it. That's why TAB drinkers mourn its passing TAB has been my breakfast dessert lunch comfort food. Yes. I know life will go on Brown. But maybe. A little. Less sparkle.

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