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Of the big problems many of us has is nobody wants to hand out business cards anymore but everybody wants our contact information. What to do I, think we all have a bunch of different solutions but nick. And Jason Alvarez Cohen have happy device called paypal which can pass on your information and the guys are here and they're going to tell you all about it. He Nick and Jason Jeff send thank you for having us on. Sure. Tell us about poppel. So. Papa. Is Your new digital business card. It's a small thing you put on the back of your phone. And then all you have to do is just tap it to someone else's phone like this. It sends a push notification to that phone and win that notification is clicked at sends you right to send them right to my profile, which has my website, my instagram, my phone number, all of my contact information right on their screen. Okay. So what you just showed me was a little round ball basically and in you you I, guess he velcro or something or or a magnet or as probably a magnet right to. And it sticks to the back and then it then up your APP in that swirl, your contact information is in Europe. They have a pop up, it opens up in that but if they don't have the APP, it opens up in the browser and the key to the product is that the other person does not need poppel or an APP for you to share your mation. Believe that the Pablo's are very inexpensive how much they sell for Fourteen ninety nine for basic potholes and nineteen ninety nine for premium populous. What is a premium poppel? A premium poppel has nicer textures this one. For example, we poppel prism. It's kind of. Holographic. The basic ones are black white pink, blue jays color. Yeah and the premium ones are. Little, fancy same functionality, just different looking field Lyndon Okay and obviously once you once you download your APP, you then spend time in putting your basic. referrals. Correct, it's very easy setup you get your pop in the mail you you you put in what you want. Then you activate it with your phone and then you're all set. So you can put on your phone upon your laptop on your car, your Papa anywhere. It'll share where you want to share. So if you put it on your laptop and I had somebody in the office. Where I met somebody at starbucks right in a post Kobe world and I wanted his or her information. They would just put their phone in front of the Little Poppel that was on my laptop Yep. It's that easy. What motivated you guys to come up with this idea? Greg Russia. Well, we're both recent college grads and we learn about the psychology at how cool is and how native it is in modern phone. So we saw this use case as two guys who never used. A really cool phone, the phone method of Sheriff Mason which we did often. So we saw the cell division just credit. All right. Well, congratulations people can get it and is it Papa Dot Com. Pablo. Dot Co.. Dot, co-. Or Whatnot. or on. Amazon

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