How to Prevent Hustle Burnout


When I started working on the hundred dollar Ba back in the early days two thousand and eleven two, thousand, twelve, two, thousand, thirteen. Every business expert said, you gotta work hard super hard, and as many hours as possible you still hear this often. In the rhetoric of business knowledge. Now, I do agree that you do need to work hard. Okay and you might have to sacrifice and work more hours her used to especially in the beginning but you just can't do that for years to come. You can maybe do that for six months a year eighteen months. But at some point, it's just not gonNa make any sense for your health is going to take a toll and you just can't move forward anymore because. You'RE GONNA work yourself to the ground you want to is make sure that you're working smarter harder but in a way that sustainable way that, hey, you can get up the next day and go at it strong I don't believe in extremes I think the extremes get us into trouble whether that's working a hundred hours a week or thinking we can work four hours a week and have a multibillion dollar business, the truth, the balance the reality lies somewhere in between I'm a big believer that after a certain point, you're just not as productive as. You can be the reality is if you look at your date after the eight or nine hour mark, you're just not firing at all cylinders. You're just not as productive dot creative. You're not solving problems at the same rate and probably the best thing you can do at that point his actually take a break is actually align yourself to recharge and recharging doesn't necessarily mean you're not helping your business and I'll explain in a moment but I love business I love being an entrepreneur and just because I tell myself hey, I need some time to. Recover, so I don't burn out that doesn't mean I don't love business or I don't want bed. In fact, there are things I can do in that space in that time that can help my business helped me improve not only just in the short term, but in the long-term. So let's get into some strategies number one I believe the best way to recharge to make sure you don't burn out is to do A. Combination of two different things number one is frequent regular breaks and longer quality breaks. Let me explain frequent regular breaks is something that you want to do on a regular basis on a daily basis. So for example, let's say you start your day of work at seven. Am You work through? You have a short thirty minute break for lunch and then you end your day let's say at five pm that's a pretty long day. That's ten hours of work. Okay. if you minus a half hour of lunch nine a half hours let's call it nine hours. Okay. But at five pm I'm going to go do something that's going to allow me to recharge. But at the same time, helped my business going to go to the gym. Okay. I'M GONNA go to Jim. I'M GONNA. Get some of my frustrations how I might get a chance to just really focus on myself. This is a few things number one. It allows me to recharge my batteries arouse me to be healthier as an entrepreneur. I'm protecting the vessel, the vehicle that's GonNa get to where I wanNA, go, which is my body, right? What's the point of getting to? Where you are trying to get to and your health is in disarray and you can't enjoy the fruits of your labor. Also, you're going to get there faster and more efficiently when you're healthy right when your body's at its peak performance. So I'M GONNA do some exercise. Okay. The other thing that's going to do is that while I'm exercising I. Can do a plethora of things to help me in my business helped me improve as a leader I can listen to podcasts I can listen to e books which I absolutely love on audible. For example, sometimes I listen to video trainings the video playing on my phone, but I'm just listening to it and just getting you know the knowledge from the training. I listened to Ted Talks that are playing off. Youtube and this allows me to really absorb the information without being distracted by other things because I'm just working out and I'm just doing my workout and allows my mind to really focus on the knowledge and see applies to my own life and how I can apply to my business. So even though I stepped away from the desk, my mission to improve as an entrepreneur and prove my business is still in full force and I'm at the gym improving myself physically and mentally this is just an. Example. You can go for a walk you can go jog you can do a yoga routine and listen to these things, and this is just a brief break in my day an hour, an hour and twenty minutes, but it does wonders because it allows me to recenter and not feel like my life is work i. have other things to do outside of work. Then after that can have dinner enjoy my time with my family things like that. The second way of taking breaks I believe is longer breaks but totally shutting off. Okay. So this could be as simple as. Saturday Sunday right two days in a row or even a three day weekend. If you can squeeze it Friday Saturday Sunday or Saturday Sunday Monday whatever. But the players that you totally shut off, you do not look email you. You tell your team. Hey, I'm not available. There's a whole lot easier when the weekend but if you're bridging three weekend this is totally doable. Say Friday I'm shutting off I'm going into big picture mode thinking mode planning mode, and really what you're doing here is you're just allowing yourself to step away from the business and see your business as an investor instead of the person that's tinkering and noon all the work allows you to analyze your decisions. What are the next things I need to do to move forward if I was an investor in this business? And this could take any shape you know. But the point is, is that allows you to think, allows you to just take time out You can go and spend a few days on the beach. If you want to you can go camping you could do a staycationing the beauty of thinking is that you can do it anywhere. Okay. But I like the idea of Diana stepping away a little bit from your environment, your home because reshapes your mind and forces you to feel like this is something new. Let me take advantage of it an even if you just do this once a quarter, every three months, it's going to make a huge. Difference, it's going to allow you to come back after that weekend fully charged ready to go with a different perspective to go strong for the next ninety days or so, and you can do it more frequently. If you wish the next thing I recommend is that you make sure you covet your calendar Covet, your time a lot of us we open up our calendar to anybody in anybody who wants to grab time from it do not do this because then you're prioritizing everybody else's problems a needs versus yours, and you don't give yourself enough time to get anything done in there for you feel stressed out and your to do list keeps growing and growing.

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