iPhone 12 and 5G

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Switch gears to the twelve just launch last week and I know you can't talk about the numbers specifically got earnings coming out but. I'm just trying to get a sense of from your from your perspective, how well they sold and how does that compare to previous years the at least the launch timeframe from previous years, I think. Roger. In many ways last week represented the start the final start firing gun of the five G. era. We've been living for the last decade since twenty ten in the four G.. Erez. All the competitors fought and scrape to build networks from from t mobile standpoint. We started the four G. era dead last among the major carriers you've been covering a since then we had no four G. L.. T. E., no iphone, no national distribution and we were the distant number four. Now as the five G. starts this week because of the launch of the iphone to complete our our lineup of phones. T mobile is way in front, and that's a huge advantage for us. We've got twenty five million people covered with high speed mid band five. Gee, that's many times the speed, of Lt, and by the way we have one point four, million square miles covered with five. More than at and T. and verizon combined. So you're asking about the iphone it's been popular. It's been appealing and it's the official firing gun and start of the five G. era and T. mobile's way ahead. 'cause you talked about five G. and I know in terms of deployment you guys are in the lead in terms of breath coverage but you know verizon CEO has westbrook was on stage with Tim. Cook. At the IPHONE launch any warrior concerned that you know that that linkage that association or cemented rises because they've spent a lot of hyping up their five G. Network as well. But association with apple you worry about that that the perception even if that may not be the reality is that Reisen is leader and five G.. Now, not at all we have a great partnership with apple actually saw it in today's announcement that Apple TV plus comes free with customers who sign up in a long standing tradition of a great collaboration I don't know if you've noticed but during that announcement when it became so clear how centered around five G. The announced the IPHONE would be t mobile stock ran up and the other two went backwards even as Hans stood there on on stage and so you know look. People know that T. mobile is in the pole position in the five G. era, we have the assets or more mid band and low band spectrum than at and T. and verizon combined and more five G. already deployed in terms of square miles than both of them combined, and by the way not low-speed five G. But massive high capacity many times the speeds of Lt, five G. that will be reaching that high speed portfolio will reach a hundred million people by the end of this year. That's two months away while brazen goes around no wonder they're on TV. So often talking to journalists because they're trying to focus people's attention on. Ultra wideband lt that we have also, but that they only have in a smattering of places around the country and that's their whole play on high-speed. The rest is very low capacity shared spectrum with Lt e, the same highway there dividing up between five G. and LT and so there's no comparison they know it. We know it and Wall Street. Knows too well. We've just through been through one iphone launched got another set of iphones are launching next month with the Pro Max and the mini in. So I'm curious if we're GONNA see we did see some aggressive promotions from you with this launch. Are we going to see additional promotions or new promotions going into next month or you feel like you're satisfied with deals offering right now? Well, I could just go ahead and pre-announce all the promotions right now that works for you. Down that. Yeah you know what? We're disruptive competitive. This environment has times that were everybody's competing aggressively and putting out incredible promotions and it's got other times where you know we're taking a breath and reloading and getting ready and do you know what? It doesn't matter in both types of competitive environments t mobile thrives because our customers understand that on balance we offer the best value. You know we're willing to do go the extra mile for them offer the value especially when you look at the phone deal. Combined with the rape plan deal the total amount. You'RE GONNA pay. You have the chance at T. mobile now for the first time ever to have the best deal. And the best network, this industry is always made you choose, and now the customers are increasingly realizing. They can have both

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