‘The Real’ host Jeannie Mai exits ‘Dancing With the Stars’ due to health scare


The really I love her so much. She has just this really, really great energy. And recently, you know, she's one of the stars on dancing with the stars. Not not normally. I don't watch the show, but I do watch it for her because I really like her. But we've got to send her some well wishes get a really, really scary situation. This one I feel like people should hear about because this could potentially happen to them in some sort of way. So basically, Jeannie has to quit dancing with the stars because she had to be rushed into emergency surgery, and it all started off. With this sore throat. And no, this has nothing to do with Cove it she just had a sore throat. And I guess they kind of got you know it heard enough for her to go to the doctor and to see what was going on. After the doctor examined her. He realized that she had a huge, dangerous infection in her throat. It had already closed 60% of her airway big. They said that this was potentially life threatening and that she had to have emergency surgery and had she waited a few days. This could've gone really bad. Her. That's scary, especially when it's something as simple as a sore throat, and especially right now to you and you know, and it's a good thing. She went to go get it checked out, but you could tell she probably thought it a pass. Because if it was like a 60% blockade, you know you kind of think like, Oh, it's just a sort throwed out. Drink something hide. I'll nurse it a little bit, but being that it was life threatening and it could have completely closed up on our you know when they say life threatening and death That's very Siri's. Very serious, but you know she's feeling better. She is he. She came out of emergency surgery. She's going to be healing up. But I do feel bad that she has to quit dancing with the stars. This was her talking about what it actually really meant to her. My parents came here to build an American dream. And I feel like I'm living that dream right now. Maybe on dance with stars is a way for me to express my gratitude to make them proud. And to show me that I could do it. She taught that in Will my parents. My parents came here to build an American dream. My parents came here to build an American dream and dancing with the stars is like my parents came here your nose in my seat with a lot now dedicated He was dead. Dedicated dance to your family. So that was the night the way we share. Well, we wish you well, We love you, Jeannie. Better really know if easy will be by your

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