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To you from beautiful chicago illinois. Today's absurd amount potentially the world's most famous mayor the mayor of flavored town guy feary. I will preface this story by saying that. I have i sure. Don for the guy fury joke in the past. Maybe even on this podcast. I am legitimately rethinking some of that snark. Because of what i have just learned back at the beginning of the quarantine lockdown guy fieri new read out of the gate that restaurant workers were going to be particularly hard. Hit so guy fieri. Along with the national restaurant association educational fund were the driving forces behind the restaurant employee. Relief fund guy fieri in particular seems to be leading the charge behind the big corporate sponsorships that donated the majority of the money to this fund. Over the course of seven weeks this fund raised twenty one and a half million dollars to hand out five hundred dollar grants to restaurant workers who applied that means that more than forty three thousand restaurant. Workers were approved for these five hundred dollar grants and on their website. They've got some interesting facts. Sixty percent of those recipients were between twenty one and thirty five sixty percent identify as female and fifty percent were racial minorities in his words from an interview he gave on. Tmz here is guy. Fieri talking about this fund when this all took place. I think i was like everybody else. Is it really happening is going to how long it's going to happen when i started thinking about my brothers and sisters in the restaurant business in the bunch of the restaurants that i was closing and i have got to do something so we partnered up with the national restaurant association educational foundation. 'cause they're coakley on taking donations and get money out and we started raising money there. You have it the mayor of flavored town doing an kind extremely generous thing. And maybe it's time for all of us to at least by a vacation property in flavor town and show a little respect to the mayor. Thanks for listening. If you've got good news or an idea for the show. Amazing send an email to hello at the good news. Podcasts

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