How Victoria's coronavirus response became a public health success



Tastier. Victorian and a great for the rest of the country because of what Victorians have been doing for the last weeks on end it's been an extraordinary lockdown and people making sacrifices for themselves for each other for their families for Victoria and for all those people who are not in Victoria, they'd be making sacrifices for the rest of the country to get this under control because it's an important thing to do for. The whole nation not just for. Victoria absolutely. So I mean we've been for cost about the coronavirus for the past few months if you haven't been paying attention and doing that, you can get a bit stuck in the weeds and we've been focusing a lot on Victoria and the spread there and the restrictions there, and the tired of that sort of taking it as a whole could be seen as quite negative but. Really it's such a success story when you think about the fact that are at hundreds and hundreds of cases just a few months ago and over the weekend, they only had one or two cases a day and it's it's due to individuals hard work. Yes. The said many many times over the months on corona cast. There's really only when you're when it's out of control, there's only one thing that you can do. That social distancing in the extreme, and that becomes a lockdown and that's what they've done. Victoria and it has brought under control as broader under control as well. If not better than any other country in the world, just looking at some of the statistics before we started this, and if you look at Singapore, which is what accorded the other day with really quite a bad outbreak in their dormitory areas for the migrant workers. That average several hundred a day. But as far as I could see. Whilst, they got two but nine, hundred a day in the first wave of the pandemic. The never got that high in the second wave. So it was steadily three, four, five, hundred a day but never seven hundred day we're got to in Victoria. They too are down at a single digits, but only Justin single digits some they've been in double digits in Singapore prior to the last few days. So Melbourne at least equal Singapore in fact, exceeds it. South. Korea's done pretty well with some significant outbreaks but again, that got up to like three, four, hundred a day, not seven, hundred a day, and that's in a country of fifty one million on their trucking along about seventy seventy today not single digits admittedly in country. That's. Eight or nine times the population of Victoria. So incredibly well by any standards and something that. Should be proud of any grateful to torrens for absolutely and of course, we're not at the finish line yet Victoria's well the whole country's and out of the woods yet in terms of the virus, and also there's still their way to go in terms of lockdown restrictions in Victoria. But it's a huge relief short for the people who live there and I'm for all of us to sort of see that Nagel really shifting down now. Yes. Some people will be saying, well, why couldn't we have gone further? Since we're a handful of cases we are recording this corona cast before we know what today's numbers are from Victoria but. Know they will be low unless there's a small outbreak somewhere and why couldn't we have gone to the same level as New South? Wales which is actually got on average more cases than. Victoria. And I think that the reason is that Victoria is still in mop-up phase and the number of mystery cases in other words cases where they don't know where you'll have caught the virus I think yesterday where the premier said, it was random about fifteen cases are still unknown that means they're still a fair bit of virus around you could possibly double that for the real number of mystery cases.

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