Team they won of course trying to bad now. Yeah, they're not good. I said they're solid below average team. About. With the final twenty, five dollars in my account, I did hit hit the Jackpot Parlay the day. Let's go through the game. At. Lyons moneyline they handled the jags titans money line. That was was on today. Giants money line one by one steelers. Dominate Ravens won by to Colts Comeback from twenty one. Down and then the dolphins inbox took care business twenty, five, twenty, seven, sixty, four, I mean if that's kind of what you need it's like getting one in the bag you know what I mean it's like you gotta see one go down and then we know we can hit a parlay the last time. I saw that par like go down through the hoop was four years ago and I haven't had a shot since having been back since but where do We. Probably will obviously be back. Crawley, at other three in one week when Dallas loses tomorrow right links seventy, five percent best cappers in the industry in the country baby. Let's zoo one quick Monday mailbag question from Morocco Russillo don't name your top head coach candidate. Let's call it Eric be me new of offers from the Falcons, Texans jets Jaguars who are you taking? To Co I. It's very simple. It's either who gets the number one pick if that's the jets, her jags. So I can be with Lawrence because if your coach of Trevor Lawrence if your first year head coach and Trevor Lines is the number one pick. You'RE GONNA get two to three years with him right? Like you can't come in no one's firing fire you and you have your second year of your. quarterback. Exactly. So. If that happens the not be the jets and Jaguars, eagles or someone who's really bad I would go with the Falcons. The Falcons are so loaded on offense back it up in backpack. echina- back it up. You just said the jets the giants are better than the eagles. I said if the jets and the Jaguars don't get it and it's another really bad team like the eagles. Then,

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