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Is listening news now away I local news. The Bear County district attorney in San Antonio. Taking a new step to hold police officers accountable when they're involved in a shooting a new civil rights division will now handle all cases where someone is shot by the cops, D a. Joe Gonzalez says. This team will respond to the scene of shootings to independently review these case, allow us to monitor or observe the case. From the very beginning, it will be made up of two prosecutors and investigators and a victim's advocate. Bars and Bear County could open later than expected. That's the word from county Judge Nelson Wolf. Last night. Wolf clarified the timeline when bars could reopen to 50% capacity. They were to open Tuesday pending approval from Governor Abbott and the tea ABC. Wolf said. Quote. I want to make sure the mandates are enforceable. It will probably take a few days for them to review that and get the data back. I don't know could be the end of the week or the other part of the following before that process. Is finished. Unquote texasgovernor. Greg Abbott is sending extra medical supplies the Lubbock and Amarillo, the governor says the resource is will help the two communities deal with an uptick in Corona virus. Hospitalizations. They include 100 personnel was extra. I've pumps, ventilators and oxygen concentrators. Have. It also said extra personnel to El Paso due to rising Corona virus cases. A Houston fire Department arson investigator is dead after a shootout, Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner says the investigators, death has hit the city and a fire department hard. This is a tough day. Is a tough

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