Set-Up Multi-Room Groups

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There. How's it going? Terry, here have you Monday. Let's talk about a tip that you can use to play music in a number of rooms at the same time but not necessarily everywhere. So in other words. You can say to Alexi play in the name of the song everywhere, and basically the song be played back on all of your devices. What if you don't want them play back all of your devices you are them played back onto of your devices or three of your devices. Well, there's a way to do that. What you do is you go into your APP. Then Click on the device's icon, which is long the bottom and then at the top right of the screen, you'll see a little plus sign you click on plus and then under those options you can set up multi room music so you click that and now what you'll see is that after a few seconds Lexi will show you the different devices that you have and then you can group them. So let's say you WanNa Group A number of your devices on a particular floor or number of devices in a certain area you checkmark any of the ones that you want to include you click next and You name that music group. So. There are a number of different names that are suggested for you or you can type in your own name and then you click save and once that's done. Now when you want to listen to music just all in in those rooms on those specific devices you say Lexi play whatever that music is that song and then you say in and the name of that group and that's how you do it. So pretty cool pretty cool feature because it gives you a lot of control over different combinations your different

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