Episode 149 - Andy Arrabito and Dan Cerrillo

Cleared Hot


It would be don't add something else here to do list order some food and keep chipping away at that sucker and finally. This episode of the PODCAST is brought to you by magic, spoon? This brand could actually be the brand that I get asked the most questions about at least in person I don't get very many emails about this, but I get asked this one in person quite a bit. If you've heard me talk about it. You know that I have a deep deep love affair with cereal I consider. A box of cereal to be conveniently a single serving size. So when I, have my kids with me, we always go to the grocery store and they always ask me if they can get cereal and my answer is always yes, maybe grabbed to. Not because I want them to eat it because I want them to have left over, which allows me to bench and that might have worked when I was in my late teens and early twenties just say at an advanced age also lacking the wisdom of advanced age and the metabolic rate that I used to have it doesn't work so. That sucks for me because in the evening times, I generally like to have what I would call a little snack. Magic. Spoon for me has hundred percent filled void. Imagine being able to eat cereal that instead of being packed with sugar. Or, the alternate to that would be no flavor tastes like cardboard neither of those are great for me though the magic spin. Imagine a serial that actually has. A good amount of protein. Low Net carbs grain free gluten free, and still tastes delicious and delightful. Anytime that I have a hankering for sweet food. This is what I go to. Sometimes, I fill up a coffee cup full of cereal, and if you haven't tried that, you should it doesn't taste any different but convenient travel size. Or sit down at the end of the day and I will start crushing a bowl and what it does for me or would I have found for me is it has really curbed processed sugar intake and helped. So the question that I always get asked about magic spoon does it really tastes good? Yes. It absolutely tastes delicious and there's a variety of flavors that you can choose from fruity cinnamon.

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