Coaches confront reality of positive COVID-19 tests


There have been more positive covert 19 tests this past week with NFL teams and games are being forced to be rescheduled. Doug Peterson said he is well aware of the situation around the league. But has to continue to keep his focus on his team. If I worry about that, honestly, my stress level goes through the roof already and and so I just want to focus and make sure that our guys were doing Not doing the right thing. Peterson did say the recent positive test should serve as a stark warning to everybody in the NFL. I do think it's a little bit of a wake up call for the entire league coaches and players, right, Teo to maintain the protocols that are in place everything that You know, we started way back when camp began to now we've gotta We've gotta maintain that Peterson does believe the Eagles will let someone be affected by the situation surrounding schedule Changes due to covert 19

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