Let's check in on those businesses that got PPP loans


Figuring out whether business is eligible for full forgiveness, partial forgiveness or none at all can be complicated. Mark Fryer owns three restaurants in Vermont. He says how much forgiveness he receives will help determine whether it's business can survive, and that's the most terrifying artists we wanted everything. We can try to turn this into full forgiveness and not end up with debt. Especially, Nano knowing for even going to survive list Fryer hasn't applied yet. He says he's waiting to see if Congress decides to automatically forgive loans under a certain amount. Of course, that would be something we'd want to make sure we wait and hopefully lineup with some borrowers haven't even been able to apply for forgiveness Jackie London public health consultancy in Colorado. She says, her Lindor hasn't opened the portal. It uses forgiveness applications every time she sees a new email from her lender I pretty much drop everything I'm do. I go and I checked to the you know is the portal open yet? Oh, it's not okay. Just in case her fifteen thousand dollar loan isn't forgiven. She's making sure that she has that amount set aside London says she'd like to be able to spend it but can I actually spend it without that feeling? Of Uneasiness. Is this mine or am I gonNA have to give it back it's been months since Virginia based jewelry store owner. Sophie Blake. Spent her P P money to control costs. She's been trying to renegotiate her rent. We're just asking for some sort of financial read because we work close for three months and that really impacted our business like says, she'll send in her forgiveness application within the next two weeks. I'm Justin how for marketplace

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