The Upside of the condo downshifting


I want you to do something a little different today. I want you to think of your real estate journey like a game of monopoly. I literally want you to go to your monopoly game or any game. That's gotta dice in it and grab the dice just one. You only need one obviously with every dice. They're six sides to that dice. So what i'm telling people to do in some of them are some of them. Think that have already had some breakfast. Beer which i did not have today That's only for special occasions and closing days Breakfast wine or breakfast champagne. Only certain days not everyday otherwise. It's just not special. So what i want you to do is grab a dice of any kind. Roll it against the wall or on the floor and see what number you get. What happens then is if it says four. Then we're going to start looking at places that are within four hours of toronto or wherever you are right now. I'm talking to a lot of people in toronto and gpa. And then we're able to do something called the drive til you qualify program which is going to be a game changer. For a lot of you. Those of you. That i'm speaking to right now especially this week. I've been talking to a lot of people with condos in the downtown core and some of them are experienced a bit of a down shoplift so there actually is some condos that are not doing as well as others. Now what you have to do what you have to look at is not the disadvantage of the downshift. You have to look at the advantage. I actually want you to think of it as the upside of downshift. And that's why i called at that. This is the upside of down shift in the condo market rule number. One as i've said before. Is you make money when you buy. So what you need the focus on and and it doesn't mean you're going to buy i. You're going to make sure that you sell. I can get what you need out of your property. Hopefully that will let you know what you can do next. But if you're looking at a property where if you're looking at the potential where you can sell your condo for five six seven hundred and you're able to buy a house for about that much that could easily improve your quality of life Reduce your condo fees Give you more room to roam give you some greenspace build up and build a workout studio or a garage With your dream. Jim all that kind of stuff that i'm helping people do right now. I want to do that for you over the years. That's been the side benefit for me is actually and this is something i really do. This is not an exaggeration. I used to work in the fitness industry for a decade. So i took apart treadmills. I put together workout machines. So i've actually designed people home gyms and i still do that. It's a really fun thing. I like to do And customize it to each person's knees not everybody wants to body build so for some people it might just be peleton bikes for some people may just be a regular bike set-up workout bench could be as simple as that some people in each in a bar. Some people don't Totally off to the side. But that's just part of this sort of the dice. Approach that i have so. If you're in a position where you can make a move meaning that you can just work from anywhere and you've kind of now. It's kind of been established where you'll be able to do their Or possibly you could just work from go into another office Like your company has an office. You know a couple of hours away That might be a really great idea in the six and the number six. Obviously what that does is that takes you right to off. And i've had a bunch a record number in my in my case. I'm record number of people moving to ottawa with me this year. I i've got some amazing people out there. That are ready to help you. But i'm i'm eating moving people further out so obviously i will say between one to six and obviously it's up to you where you end up moving but the further out you go within about two or three hours if you if you start looking at those prices compared to what you're going to be You know paying for something in the city you'll be blown away. You'll see these incredible houses in places like coburg for four hundred thousand dollars and again you'll be blown away by what you can get and this is all Again one shopping with me. That's the best part. I'll connect you to the right people that are out there. Do not make the mistake of connecting with someone out there before you've screened. This has been a nightmare for me over. The years is trying to undo that bullshit. Don't be that person. Don't connect with anybody outside the city until you know who you're dealing with and you've actually have some Some some way of knowing their patterns. Okay because words don't mean anything you go on a screen you type in someone's Where they were blah blah blah kingston ottawa. Whatever words don't mean anything actions even if they said oh yes i. I sell twenty places A day you'll see those ads also don't believe that it's patterns. It's the way people respond when they're put to the test especially this year. So you want someone on the other end who's account and that is a huge thing and when they're working under me meaning i actually refer them to you and i do get paid for this but you don't pay me. This is this comes from them. So they're actually accountable to both you and make and if they don't make me happy as well as you they don't get another referral alcott that referral lineup. And i have many times with in a heartbeat

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