Apple reportedly steps up effort to build Google search alternative

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Financial times ran a piece saying that apple is working on an alternative to Google search an interesting story. It's an interesting idea. According to the paper apple is stepping up efforts to develop its own search technology as us anti-trust authorities threatened multibillion dollar payments multibillion dollar payments. Google makes secure prime placement of its engine on the iphone already. There's so much about this story that's fascinating to me. It looks like first of all apple. Search engine is already running. Although it's not really a search engine exactly. The financial times says when people type in request for info from the home screen in iowa. Fourteen apple has started showing its own search results looking directly to websites rather than going through a third party in iowa. Fourteen today view. The report says the operating system shows apple generated list of search suggestions rather than the google results these results include auto compete style. Excuse me auto. Complete style. suggestions generated by apple showing that it is learning from its one billion users common queries. Okay see i kinda just want to read the whole story to you and then go back. Point-by-point it's the financial times. Why don't we start there. It's the financial times so of course. They're concentrating on the money. Part of it as if apple just started doing this yesterday. They keep saying that the doj is suing. Google for anticompetitive behavior at the center of that suit or near. The center of that suit is the fact that google pay somewhere between nine billion then twelve billion dollars a year to be the default search engine in safari. Everybody says for iphone. But it's for safari right. The doj in the past few weeks at right were suing. And i know we've known that that was coming for a while. But it's not like falcons can suddenly turn on a search engine from nothing. of course they haven't turned it on nothing Two and a half years ago. The got john john andrea. I'm sure i'm pronouncing that wrong He was the head of google search supposedly. They said it was to Increase their artificial intelligence capabilities and siri virtual assistant but he also brought eight years of experience. Running the world's most popular search engine the financial times. Points out. I mean sorry. It doesn't mean that apple is in creating an alternative to google i. I'm going to go ahead and keep reading. And then we'll i should have read the whole thing right. Experts financial times talked to Some of whom used to work for google. Say it wouldn't cost that much for apple to do this. And that apple has hired the talent to do it. That apple could do it because you can't just go in license somebody else's search technology if you're going to be an alternative google. I did not know until. I was reading the financial times story here and this could explain. Why dot go. I love duck duck. Go doug goes. Was privacy focused search engine and you can go there instead of google and you can type in your queries. And they're not being tracked and that's great They rely on being. It turns out their licensing beings technology. Now still your information as dang between you and duck duck go. It's not going anywhere. It's anonymous all that stuff. It explains why duct that goes results. Aren't necessarily as good as you might want. Duck tuck duck goes results to be apple. Can't just skin being. They can't just skin duck. Oh right they have to come up with something better if they're going to compete with google but not everybody thinks they're going to compete with google. Dan wong associate professor of business at columbia business. School said it would be extremely difficult for apple to ever catch up. Go-goes advantage comes from scale. He said and the endless user feedback helps to tune results and identify areas of improvement. Google gets hundreds of millions of queries every minute from users all over the world. That's an enormous advantage when it comes to data surprising. No one apple declined to comment for the financial times all right. There's so much about this. That's interesting and also i think kinda wrong in what. The financial times is arguing first of all. They're saying that apple is doing this because they're worried about losing the twelve billion dollars nine to twelve billion dollars that up. A apple gets every year from google for being the default search engine. I use siri as often as i can. I know people who don't use siri at all. Google still spending nine billion dollars even if he does get better. Google spending nine billion dollars for apple would not be a waste of money because there are lots of people who are always going to google it. They're not going to ask siri for whatever reason. I know that. When i'm out of the store i don't ask siri because i don't like to talk in public. I don't like to you know. Spread my business around. If i'm worried about a search engine tracking me. I'm certainly going to worry about you. Know saying out loud the grocery store or well. That's the only place. I go now saying out loud to the grocery store what i'm searching for. Nobody else needs to know that. At that point i will start typing stuff in at that point. Is it google that i'm going to. I have set my default search engine to duck duck go and that is another thing that this whole of this seems to sort of ignore. I mean the fact that we do have choices at this point. And i would imagine that somebody at least at apple will go ahead and argue. That what google is playing for is placement because people are lazy or people like google or don't realize they change it even though apple has made it clear that yes you can. Google earth could still pay nine billion dollars a year and not lose their money even if apple gets better at what. It's doing now as far as apple trying to build a search engine. That's going to replace google. I don't think so. I don't think apple is trying to replace a bill. The search engine that everybody is going to go to. Because i don't think apple wants that kind of headache. I think all of this stuff about siri better and about apple's being better. I think all of that is true. I think what apple would like is instead of going to any search engine you pick up your you ask a question you get your answer not kicking over to the. Here's what i found on the web. Not thinking oh. I need to go to google or i need to go to ulta vista wherever it is. I need to go to look up stuff. I need to ask jeeves by. Golly i think that's the part of this whole thing. That actually excites me. The most the idea that my virtual assistant could become more of an assistant unless a virtual thing that it could become a a source that i turned to to ask questions and get answers

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