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On Wall Street stocks are rising to start this holiday shortened trading week. The Dow is up 268 points. The NASDAQ is getting 68, the S and P five hundred's increase his 26. The price of oil is up moving closer to 43 bucks a barrel in that is a reason gas hasn't dropped Maura with less demand in this covert crisis, one penny in the past two weeks. The new price is $2. 18 cents. It would have been wasn't a dime I believe. That's Children. Lundberg, who was an analyst who surveys gas stations nationwide. So does Triple A. It's national average for regulars to 11 per gallon. Did you take the ice bucket challenge several years ago. A lot of people did. And now, AH, year after one of the co founders died, the other has from the same disease. Those challenges raised awareness to fight back. Queen motivational speaker and co founder of the Ice Bucket Video Challenge for a less died Sunday morning at age 37. He battled India traffic lateral sclerosis, often called Lou Gehrig's disease since diagnosis in 2013 the video challenge taking social media by storm in summer, 2014. Quinn talking to Fox News radio in 2015. The disease that has no hope at the moment. But the Ice bucket challenge revamped that outlook, the challenge so far raising more than $250 million worldwide. Currently, there is no cure for LS a fatal progressive nervous system disease, which impacts nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord, causing loss of muscle control. And Kerik Fox News in the NFL. The L. A Rams play Tampa Bay tonight to close that week. 11 of the season last night. Kansas City beat Las Vegas on a last minute touchdown. Pittsburgh State Undefeated running Jacksonville and the New York Jets remain winless, losing to the L, A Chargers and in Cincinnati's lost the Washington Bangles star quarterback Joe Burrows substance Ian ending knee injury. I'm Dave Anthony. This is Fox News. The

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