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Bonus cash. That's $1000. On top of all of those things, the incentives that they have the minimum of $8000 in savings on the F 1 50 super crew trucks, and there's over 100 of them in stock. This is a great company, 51st Avenue in Maryland going see him. Sanderson, Ford. Gave us and chat show afternoons. Hey, coming up on the show. Why you should invite a dog to Thanksgiving dinner. You don't need the sound effect. Okay, I'll try to be nice and Trump. Is it finally over serious news, seriously entertaining the Gators and chat show this afternoon into with over one million miles race over. There's only one thing you can say about the amazing race when, with more intense competition, anything can happen. You could go from first to last in a heartbeat. So tired. We came here to win this competition and more exotic locations where whatever the world awaits, maybe on the amazing race New Wednesday at 87, Central on CBS. He's got 15 minutes. What? Thousands more for your home. This is Jamie West at 72 sold. They only need 15 minutes to take a quick walk through your home. Right, Then right there, they'll give you a price. That's thousands more than if

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