S2 E03: The power of discipline

State of Mind


Focus ship is coming next. So how do you have to act. Tim be nice. Be kind give us my. And then i walk and tim. Our is a renowned medical star chef. Currently if ninety point five gumi oh and to michelle starr. Restaurant row in balloon is ranked forty eighth world's fifty best restaurants in achievement that he says is only surpassed by being part of the highly praise. Netflix fix show chefs table of 'cause chefs table. I remember i met the director. And she didn't have a story first and then of 'cause you know when she heard that he'd grown up on the street and was part of a gang then of course she jumped on it. This is the story of st. Kit was once a gang member and one of the most notorious gangs in west berlin who eventually noticed that discipline was essential for him to change his life and stand out with a marvelous dining experiences and along the way he learned they went wearing a very unique uniform. He could transform from civilian into his almighty ego chef. Timothy definitely the hardest effect burmese changing from ordinary close to my chefs close. Because then if i wearing my blue fresh blue uniform. I'm always there to deliver on. But eventually he realized that he doesn't always have to wear a superhero chef uniform. Sometimes it's important to take off the cape and just beat him and this is the reason why change clothes and then in that moment i also switch and that means a much more friendly but i always need some minutes. I'm exhaust guns and co founder of blinkers and a state of mind. Join me on discovering some of the most fascinating and accomplished in the world. We ll explore out amazing skills. D- attitudes to habits and victories up product of the state of mind in this episode recorded in september. Twenty nine. tim our talked about how he uses this uniform in order to transform his behavior after having been seen the gangster of german fine dining for longtime he revealed to us is actually a very in guy he just needed to start but taking off his uniform often

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