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The Mercedes Benz Winter event. But hurry these great offers will be gone in a flurry to learn more visit Mbusa, calm your Mercedes Benz tri state dealer today. Ex traffic update less than 10 minutes away on WCBS. I have a story in just a moment about people putting up tents to have Thanksgiving outdoors in the rain. WCBS Oxygen weather forecast time now, and Bob Larson joins us live and plenty of rain is coming our way for Thanksgiving. That's right. A rainy Thanksgiving you, Paul, but one positive. It's not gonna be a cold rain by anybody's in fact, exceptionally mild, So if you have shelter from the rain, you won't have to bundle up toe also fight the cold outside that bio weather already arriving a mixture of clouds and sunshine today breezy 50. Six lithe center and turning out cloudy tonight. Rain developing later tonight generally have to bid Diallo 52 could be fog early tomorrow morning, Otherwise, Thanksgiving Day cloudy with periods of rain. Quite wild Ohio 60 to stop 46 Danbury 54 in Babylon 52 a bedtime live 56 Paul. When Bob on the radio this morning, I heard one woman saying that her family was gonna open up the garage door and they were going to set up their table. Outside in the garage for Thanksgiving. The rain is moving in. Some people are going the tent route. WCBS is Sophia Hall reports from Long Island, Glenn Start a goal from affordable party rentals. Here, A Long Island tells me 2020 has been an odd

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