Trimming Fat and Keeping Muscle


So our guest. Today as we mentioned is jordan jones. He's back to give us the flip side of the coin so jordan. Welcome back to the show. Thank you so we talked about bulking and our last episode which is really kind of building muscle. And you're going to. You're going to gain some fat when you're doing that too quickly You don't wanna do a too quickly but you do want to Be in a calorie surplus essentially correct. So now we're on the flip side now where you decide all right now. It's time to lean out but still keep that muscle now. I'm assuming this one is a little bit harder to do But first of all. Can you. Just tell because i've always heard this term the finnish world like i'm cutting right now and so can you explain. What does it mean to cut. Everyone has their own. You know saying doesn't matter cutting slimming down losing fat. I use cutting as it's really the only thing ever said it's really just cutting away. If you're going approach were bodybuilders. Say oh i'm cutting phase on prep is really just trying to lose all the fat and then it will be more from what i gain during the bulking phase. Okay okay so that basically so that definition now the muscles can be seen cracked. Okay exactly so you worked months. You know to gain all this muscle. Hey you will get a little a little. Maybe a little chubb during that. That's why most people do typically around wintertime having covered all time. Trade clients sweating jacket on his sucks to see me so during the cutting phase. That's really when you're just trying to lose all the fat that way the most is gonna be a little bit more dominant gonna shallow. Been more if you're doing it correctly. A lot of people like look bigger. You gain weight not actually lost ten pounds. Thanks yeah so it's going to show a lot more. It's it's what march third or fourth or something So you know people are probably gonna start doing the cutting or slimming down. It's the cutting season we're entering. It's already would eighty degrees outside right now in california coming up to new. Oh of course. I feel like the time to start eating your show for the other. Yeah actually my body. I've learned naturally the my body does kick into a more like Exerciser athletic mode about april. Like i will be like a really intensive exercise for about three or four months and generally throughout the summer and i. It's so my goal really in life now is just a stay relatively active during the winter so that i don't go too far with the bulk young But yeah that's really interesting. So can you tell me a little bit about maybe fasting. Do you do fasting when you're trying to cut the fat or when you're in a cutting phase i'm not easily put this. I'm not the biggest Person on fasting and fast for you know to- fourteen six hours. Brother-in-law will sometimes fast for twenty four hours. Wow times a week or doing twenty four people will do it thinking that you know you as much as i want whatever i want in between that window and then i'm not going to eat it all for the sixteen to eighteen hours. Whatever kind of doing really popular right now. And i'm not gonna lie like you know it does work again kind of like the last segment. We do kind of see what works for your body for you. Yeah i'm more of a believer of eating every hours. Keep your metabolism going. Keep your body. Fueled specially during a cutting phase. It's really really tricky to learn how your body's gonna react to things and how you're gonna keep as much muscle while trying to turn down. The fat. that over fasting has more of a longterm effect. When cutting like murph's it's it's also healthier. See normally you. Don't you don't seem to mean or angry. People angry sometimes when i feel like when i've seen people they're like a man. They're grumpy so getting back. Finish balking right now just starting phase pretty new into it's still you got the big jug of water grow chicken broccoli and rice. It's not cooked chicken to save my life talking about this. Yeah this one is two point. Five ounces of white rice. We'll faster i'm digesting is going to spike. Insulin will bit more okay. It's seven ounces of chicken and then six ounces of broccoli interest you do that every bill you would say every couple of hours ladies pretty similar realistically pretty basic. Five or six ingredients go to. Yeah my daily diet Fun food say now and tonight before you go to bed. Hi my diet is First meals five thirty in the morning last meal is supposed to be a roughly ten dude. Nine even on coach. I don't want three or four hours of sleep every night. right right. yeah that's right because you're up early training people yeah

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