Restore Your Trust in the World


So. As you get ready to meditate today, settle yourself down and begin to relax your mind and body, and I'm going to share a little journey of a fellow meditators and then I'll guide you into a meditation. This message comes from a listener in California who? Went through a very difficult divorce. Hi Mary. I. So enjoy your podcast and I wanNA thank you for doing it daily. I am an attorney, and so my work includes a lot of anxiety intention and I also recently went through a really difficult divorce. I still battle with my ex. But as I meditated I, find that I'm able to let go of. My resent and the anxiety I experience when I have to see him. I don't know what I would do without my meditation ritual. At this point, I feel like it has been the key to surviving some really challenging situations in my life. It really is true that if you just keep spending a little time every day. Pretty soon. You find yourself meditating for half an hour and wondering where the time went. my meditation ritual. Is. The anchor in my life. So, I am sharing this meditation with you all today in honor of your fellow meditators that word she used anchor truly represents how I hope you will feel each time you sit down to meditate. So with all that's going on in the world. Let's anchor ourselves now anchor ourselves in peace. As, you sit down close your eyes and gently elevate them upward. Began to relax your mind and body consciously. And naturally forcing yourself to suddenly be calm. Just allow yourself to evolve to a commerce state at your own pace. Notice Surrey them in flow of your breath? And return to this breath every time you find your mind wandering. Bring to mind this past week. And think about the times during the week that were difficult. Maybe, the news was upsetting. And you're just tired of listening to it all. Maybe. Someone Broke your trust. You experienced disappointment. Regardless of how you may have responded in anger. Or hurt. Allow yourself now. To feel disappointed. But not, that. You. Are Worth. Honoring. And you're honoring yourself right now. Stain, focused on what matters most to you. Celebrate The Times this week. When you manage your stress well. When you Stayed on your quest. And remembered the positive things happening in the world.

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