US election in balance as battleground states count votes


President Trump Prematurely declares he want I'll tell you. I looked at the numbers. I said Whoa, and Joe Biden jumps the gun, saying he's on track to win. We feel good about where we are. Really? Neither is there yet to the polls. Republican pollster Frank Lunch says the political polling profession is done. Elegiac CEOs. It is devastating for my industry. And a third thing. The counting thie 2020 vote on WCBS presidential races, depending on the results of five states, and they are Michigan, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Wisconsin. Those five states have a combined four million votes that still need to be counted four million votes, and that could make all the difference. CBS News director of election and surveys Anthony Salvato, what's going on now in Wisconsin. 89% of what we expect to be. The total amount of about 3.6 million have been counted. But almost 400,000 still yet to be counted. Then do the same thing in Michigan, Okay? Number in 80% 1.1 million still to be counted and I'll give you one more for good measure. Look at Pennsylvania only 75% counted 1.79. So that's the story. We're still waiting for Elections officials to tally up everything that we know has been counted out of Michigan. President Trump has the lead. About 30,000 votes, but there are hundreds of thousands of absentee ballots still not counted. CBS News correspondent Jenna Champollion is in that battleground state, Michigan governor and secretary of State are assuring us that every vote will be counted right now. Several 100,000 votes in the state are outstanding. That is very crucial for Joe Biden because many of them come from right here in the Detroit area, and they're believed to be Democratic votes, something that could flip this state blue. The Michigan Secretary of state, Jocelyn Benson, told CNN last hour. At a much more complete picture of the state's results should be out by the end of the day.

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