Who is Pewdiepie?


I gave Kevin Yes, of all the things that I've learned over the past year of working with you. My grandma says, I sound just like what I did. None of it has surprised me more than I have learned that this guy is not only the most popular YouTube forever, everyone looks up to him as like. Not really a god. But like you do God like way bigger than anyone that Kayla never got into is reached, transcends nationality, language and culture in a career made possible by the digital age, But according to some measures like he's the most famous person Think of our lifetime. Yeah, like he likes to pretend to be like he's really even though so many people that I know have never even heard of him. I don't know. I just said it was just something about him that makes people love him so much You feel like you're a part of it with him and somehow His story gives me life is central to understanding the culture war of our age. Yeah, like all day lunch, purified all day. And one of the wildest things about it is that this whole story unfolded in front of a webcam. So real name is Felix Schelberg. He's Swedish. He looks very sweetest on the air. Blue eyes in 2010. He's 20 years old. He's an undergrad at a Swedish university, And in April of that year, he starts a YouTube channel. And he begins uploading these videos with boss himself, playing his favorite video games like Call of Duty in Minecraft. Okay, I should probably do something more productive. After this. He starts every video or most videos, saying like how what's up throws its weight. Money's fear, and by the end of the year today, we're going to celebrate because I have 100 subscribers. He's got a few fans. A lot of people one hundreds of drivers is probably an incident. Insignificant number, but too mean to me. It means a lot, So I just want to thank you guys so much and welcome everyone to port One of Nightmare has two pretty soon he moves on from call of duty and Minecraft, and he starts playing these horror games. And these videos. They're actually pretty fun tow because his reaction to the scary stuff in these games is very, very over the top. And this thing that he's doing this sort of mix of intimacy and this were juvenile humor. It causes his audience. Stay awesome Growth group that calls itself the bro Armed Ebro Army has now reached I have a million subscribers, which is insane to keep growing bigger. It's pretty much my job right now. To make these videos I used to have the shittiest job and bigger I never, ever expected. One million. That is just and bigger. Already. Two million. I'm like crazy fast until finally in 2013. Just two years after he dropped out of college. I got this in the mail. It says Guinness World Records, Felix suddenly finds himself as the most subscribed channel. In YouTube's history. Most sailor. Well, this guy is making $15 million. Doing what? Okay, so I'm gonna drink this water. This is the cheap water. Then I'm gonna piss in this. We're gonna wait a day. And then I'm going to drink this water, the expensive water And then I'm gonna piss this water back in the bottle as puny pies channel grows and then I'm gonna drink it and then I can evaluate which tastes better. $1 pits for $600. He starts doing less video game playing and more like that is an extremely ugly baby. I'm not going to lie like that is a lot of chins for a baby reviews and reactions to things that are trending on the Internet man taking up too much space on the train.

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