NaVi Joins Other Esports Organizations in Offering Cryptocurrency to Fans

Esports Minute


Natives 'vincere or commonly known as nabi is a major eastwards organization housed in ukraine they feel teams in doda fortnight rainbow. Six apex legends and pudgy. But they're best known for their ceus. Go team well. World rankings are a bit difficult to figure out during covid both esl and h ltv. Have knobby in the top five teams in the world today. They announced a new fan token on socio dot com. This token is designed to reward fans for interacting with the team allows them to have a minor say in how the team is being run now is praising each token of one. Us dollar and they say they will only offering. Maximum of five million tokens in total. It's similar to crowdfunding from fans of the organization but also gives an added layer of control beyond just kicking in some money for a small percentage of the org. Nabi is the third eastwards organization to join the socio platform. According to adam pitch a desert though. Happy birthday buddy. They joined spanish-based team. Hectic and not to legends g on the platform crypto can be controversial in east sports unicorn. The sports betting platform backed in part by mark. Cuban was fined a boatload of money by the government due to its crypto currency unit. Coin gold. now well. I don't claim to be a lawyer. That case determined that unicorn and used the crypto way to raise money but they didn't go through the proper steps that the us government if they wanted to do so now unicorn is a us based company so they're beholden to different laws. The knobby who were based in ukraine. Still we've seen how crypto currency can potentially cause problems in eastwards. It isn't handled properly by the organization offering both other organizations already on the socio platform. They're clearly backing it up with a legitimate partner. At least you'd hope so

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