Acoma Hospital Cuts, Navajo Marijuana Crackdown, and Tribal Transportation Improvements


This is national native news. I'm antonio gonzalez. The governor of the pueblo of aca in new mexico is concerned about the health and wellbeing of the people of alabama as a reduction of health services takes place amid the pandemic governor. Brian is reaching out to us. Lawmakers for legislative relief in funding after a hospital on academic lands no longer full-service able to offer emergency services or critical care congress and urgent and decisive. Requests were received uninterrupted Healthcare an emergency medical service food services at the canyon. Cto laguna service. Unit have moved to primary and urgent care due to inadequate staffing as a number of staff have decided to leave after being notified of a redesign of indian health. Service care for the area. The hospital located off interstate. Forty west of albuquerque has provided services since the nineteen seventy s to the public of aca and laguna and navajo community in july the tribes were notified of potential changes due to an agreement with the pueblo of laguna a majority shareholder in the hospital. At forty seven percent the navajo community moved its allocation for its own facility in two thousand sixteen in september laguna health corporation entered into an agreement with ihs to open a new facility. In february removing it shares from the facility the agreement started the process of the redesign including notifying employees and establishing a working group via says aca did not expect changes in service until early next year and is calling on the indian health service for immediate resolution option it could allocate funding from the one point three billion dollars from of that and we are five hundred million dollars specifically designated provider relief fund all of these funds intended to address the pandemic. And all that meant to deal with just the situation. We are faced with the indian health service director. Michael we ocoee says they're consulting with all three tribes involved we ocoee says. Ihs supports tribal self determination and self governance to assume health services for their own communities. And he says the ihs has committed to the retain services at aecom a- mitigating To the extent possible any negative consequences as a result and making. There's just a smooth transition. As possible is the goal and we are looking at every available resource whether that's coronavirus funding Any other emergency funds. That may be available to after your. We're looking at all resources available to the agency can make. There's just a smooth transition possible. Make sure that nobody else for the galileo estimates the funding needs the aca. Hospital is around five to six million dollars. He says alabama has received support from state leaders lawmakers and some members of congress a multi-agency operation took place on navajo lands last week in an effort to put an end to marijuana operations. In the shiprock new mexico area federal state local and tribal officers led the raid on twenty one farms and two residences where marijuana was housed in more than one thousand grow houses about two hundred and sixty thousand plants were radically agents also found nineteen trash bags filled with processed marijuana in baggies about one thousand pounds the navajo nation is on board to crack down on what it says is illegal hemp and marijuana operations in the area more than seven million. Federal transit dollars have been awarded to twenty-five tribal governments for improvement projects on tribal lands. The us department of transportation announced tuesday the projects range from storage to maintenance facilities to helping tribes of an appointment to improve transportation services. The funding supports projects operating costs planning activities. I'm antonio gonzalez.

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