Dr. Shawn Baker On The Carnivore Diet


Sean. Welcome to the podcast. How you doing today really well. Thank you for having me. Good good we got a lot to get into. I m fascinated by the topic of the carnivore diet not something. We've gone deep into on the show to this point so i'm just curious off the bat. How do i get into this. My personal experience into this was just turn on improve. my own. health now was already a low carb guy and ketogenic diets. And i ran into you. Know this kind of group of people doing these zero carb. You know quote unquote meat-based. I thought that's interesting. I looked into the history. Said while try it you know what the heck amari low carbs not gonna make them big deal. I don't really like vegetables anyway. And so i tried it in. You just felt phenomenal as this is really something here and i did it for thirty days and i went back to the the more never side. I just didn't feel good. Now's like all things being equal. I prefer to feel better. That's how i kind of stumbled into this. This is after. I mean literally six or seven years of playing with nutrition pretty seriously in studying and researching it and coming from a background as you know not only as a physician as a surgeon but also locked long athlete performance. Actually you've been able to set world records on different sports and that has always been a big part of that. Not only did. I feel good on surely meet. They stopped but my performance improved significantly in sapporo breaking a number world records. And so that's what kind of made me sick or something and so now i am Just about four years into this whole celebrate my four year anniversary in about a month so then interesting and over the course of that four years has there been a lot of close ups and downs along the way or is it just been you know pretty much getting better and better over time. Well i mean the you know. The diet has been pretty consistent. And sometimes i'll throw a little bit vary from fat. Content protein content sometimes include a little bit variety within this animal base thing words eggs dairy and fishing cheeses and but most of its been mostly red meat for most of the time so occasionally i'll have something off you know like if my son has a birthday sometime piece of birthday cake once in a while but this extremely rare. I usually don't feel that actually doing that. Quite honestly i guess not a point. My life work. You know being my fifties you notice little small things Kind of creeps up on you pretty quickly as far as health is can gone. I mean generally spend just dot good stayed good. Continue to get good very rarely by seeing anything other than that. I mean you know. I've had a cold here and erin you know those types of things but nothing but generally pretty good health well sounds like red. Meat is a staple of the diet. Talk about the evolution of the diet over the air. So what was it like in the beginning when you first got into it and how has it to where you are today. Well at the beginning I used said decent amount of variety news a lot of red meat for sure. There was a and bacon and dairy and a little bit of seafood. Shrimp have different salmon. Things like that as time went by there was a period. Good probably gosh sixteen eighteen months of nothing but red meat every single day and felt great goal time and then i kind of said well that seemed to work fine in house like know because i live with other people. That don't necessarily fall is donald. Oh my girlfriend is about ninety. Five percent carnivore. She still has a few other things in there. She started vegetarian mile away in transition from that were she was having a lot of just not particularly great health and even though she very fit athletic person but still having a lot digestive issues. And you know she's found out that basically the seating start really helped her. So i mean i would just you know. Sometimes i cook for other people. So i would include that stuff in my diet with more variety. They'd want other things other than just red meat. So you do. I never really got into much into the things like chicken for some reason just never really made in died doesn't appeal to me very much if i have a choice. I usually do like to cook for myself. I'm going to pick a state or some kind of the redmi. Typically when you make choices purely based on taste or do you feel better eating the red meat. We'll both tastes better and feel better. So i think it kind of goes hand hand every once in a while i'll look and i said you kind of feel like having this you know maybe some eggs and i'll throw that in there and it may be just an unconscious subtle way saying you know you need a little bit more variety. Perhaps but it's very intuitive quite honestly like i said unless i'm training for some specific purpose specific body composition that is kinda e what i want to eat. What's appealing to me. And how much and how often is very like. i said. very much feedback directed.

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