Moderna's Covid-19 Vaccine Is 94.5% Effective in Early Results, Firm Says



Moderna has gone public with his experimental vaccine, the biotechnology firm says early results suggest that its vaccine is nearly 95% effective. Today's news follows a similar announcement from Fizer last week, and it leaves the incoming administration with the prospect that it will have a least to Corona virus vaccines to distribute and 2021 Dr. Celine Gounder is part of the President elect's Coronavirus Task Force. She's a clinical assistant professor of medicine and infectious diseases at New York University. She's also host of the podcast epidemic, and she joins us now, Dr Gounder. Welcome to one, eh? Great to be here. So what does it mean that two potential vaccines are both showing signs of success. Well, this is quite promising. Both appear at least based on the data we've seen so far to be over 90% effective in preventing disease. We don't yet know if these vaccines will prevent transmission from one person to another. But at least we know that they're they're very likely to protect us individually from severe disease. This is really a breakthrough. But we still have a lot of work ahead in terms of getting people vaccinated. It's not just about having a vaccine, but it needs to get into people to protect them. What's the timeline from here in terms of when we could possibly either see a vaccine approved but definitely on the distribution and as well? Well, I think you're going to see in the next couple of weeks. The submission to the FDA by both Visor and Madonna for emergency use authorization. They will continue to collect data on effectiveness and side effects as they start to ramp up vaccination in advance of an approval. But I think we're still looking at Really focusing on health care workers and other high risk populations in the first wave of vaccinations in at the end of this calendar year earlier early next calendar year. And we won't really see these vaccines available to the broader general public until at least April or may of next year, And that's because it takes time to manufacture. The millions the hundreds of millions of doses that we're going to need and to gear up in terms of the distribute that distributions supply chain and with the Fizer vaccine, there's a specific type of infrastructure needed. The story that it has to be. It started very cold temperatures. So how would that impact the possible world out of that vaccine? Well, that's right. So the Fizer vaccine requires ultra cold, ultra freezing minus 70 degrees Celsius. This is not something that you have in your regular family doctor's office s so it really is going to need to be stored. In central locations, perhaps hospitals, other pharmacy distribution centers, and so that does make it much more difficult. This is not something that you could, you know, disseminate to every single family Practitioners office and makes it more difficult, especially in rural areas to really scale of vaccinations. This is something people are thinking long and hard about right now. To figure this out. We got this question from Dr Swat on Twitter who says what have the potential side effects of the vaccines. And how much will they cost? Do you know that yet? Well, we don't have all of that information. Yet In terms of the Madonna vaccine, with the results of which were just announced, the side effects that we're seeing are pretty mild pain at the injection site, headaches, muscle pain on and it's a similar sort of profile with the fire advisor vaccine and really the kind of thing you see. With many vaccines in terms of cost. The Biden Harris transition team is very much committed to making sure that people who want to get vaccinated can get vaccinated for free. That's not just with respect to the vaccine itself, but with all of the other costs associated with getting vaccinated the doctor's visit The supplies. Unfortunately, one of the things we saw earlier this year with respect to testing was that the current administration had said Yes, people can get tested for free. But then people got surprised bills. Because there was still the cost of the doctor's office visit and so on. Are how closely are you working with the Trump Administration on a Corona virus response at this point Not at all. Um you know, a major challenge here is that the G s a needs to certify that we could move forward toe hand over the keys, so to speak, so we can enter the building so we can start to have these kinds of conversations in detail and so right now, pending the General Services Administration, signing off on Theologian results. We really are in a holding pattern on or not able to have those crucial discussions. So we got this question from Alicia on Facebook. Who says Can Biden's team start work now? The end of January so far off what? We lose progress? What are you able to do right now? Well, we can be interfacing with state and local government officials, public health officials, we could be reaching out to the private sector. Um, s O. We're certainly moving forward in terms of our own planning. But, you know, if you imagine that this is a war we're waging war on the current virus. And like any other war if we were in the middle of a world war and we didn't know where our aircraft carriers and our tanks and our troops were, it would be very difficulty to plan. A response s. Oh, it's it's very challenging, not to be given sort of that critical crucial What's really frankly national security information?

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