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This goes for all you political, uh, medical groups that like that, I'II Fauci. It tells you that it's gonna be a week and it's all over. And then he comes back when it comes leading by five points and touches it is gonna be, uh, the thing of 1000 years. I mean, by that foul See has changed his mind Maurer than the girl I took to my junior prom. I mean, this guy changes his mind every other day. And I understand that Cove in 19, its elusive the first thing that I thought of When you started your tear, their frank is it's interesting, uh, shutting down everyone's pay involved. You know, Trump's in there with this Uh, warp speed. He's moving this fast as he can with this vaccine is that even getting paid? He waved his salary to be president of the United States, so he wouldn't even take the hit financially because he was never even taking a salary to be president. Well, that's entirely correct. And it's about time that some of the public servants because let's use the word and the term in its truest sense. Hey, uh, public. Servants. Well done, My man public. Their events. I don't know how many times we have to save this for some of those kids and Washington and Massachusetts and on every single statement, union Get this thought through their thick heads, But they are public

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