Violence breaks out at 'Million MAGA March'


Swarms of President Trump's supporters arrived in D C for a huge rally over the weekend, The demonstrators marched in defense of President Trump's refusal to concede the election. But what started as a mostly peaceful demonstration ended with some fights between the Trump supporters encounter protesters. WTF He spoke to D. C police chief about what happened. Peter Newsom says that the D. C police handled the million Magda March Well after tens of thousands of Protesters took to the city streets, but fight still broke out. One skirmish in particular, drew a lot of attention. We had an assault 17th and I street where it looked like there was a man that was pretty significantly injured. He had blood on his face. We made a number of arrests on that scene. A man was also stabbed along 11th Street in New York Avenue, Not far from black lives Matter Plaza at around 8 30. He was taken to a trauma center. Two officers were also injured from clash between supporters of President Trump and counter protesters. 20 One people were arrested. Most of the charges were for simple assault and disorderly conduct before people were arrested on weapons

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